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DataMaster Lab doesn't just pull together all the specs and features of all the manufacturers and software houses, we test products out in real-world, business scenarios. Dozens of tests to give overall evaluations, certificates and awards covering productivity, usability, environmental aspects as well as features and functions. DMO is the Benchmark service for digital printing and document imaging.

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A mystery is hidden in the great house overlooking the cliffs. In the village there are rumours that the house is haunted: at night you can hear cries and weeping, and from far away you see the lights come on suddenly during the night. There are even stories that the owner is a witch.

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You need JavaScript enabled to use all the features of this website. We support the safety of people from important facilities related to social infrastructure to ordinary homes with advanced safety management technologies such as "security sensor system" which detects intruders and deters crimes in advance. The Access Control System, which was developed by a combination of our unique human tracking technology and access control systems, offers solutions to detect fraudulent tailgating by tracking people with a high degree of accuracy.