How do you think the story will unfold? The set up was very simple: a hotel room, with the director sitting casually across his two actors with their scripts in hand. However calm it may have seem upfront, you could feel that their level of performance was on point. It felt as if you were just watching two friends talking about relatable, everyday topics — relationships, love, lust, and friendship. The two are locked in a room for 24 hours with just a bottle of wine. No lies.

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The millennial generation probably has a lot to do with all the predictions we would all make. Yumi and Jigs, two opposite characters, spends twenty-four hours together, and then ends up playing Twenty Questions.

They get to ask 10 questions each, alternately, without having to ask the same question to the other. The conversation may seem ordinary, but the lines are thoughts that we do not always utter.

Or maybe, those that we could not utter. The material talks about love, sex, friendship, relationships, and life in general. What they say are things that happen in real life, and not the things that we only need to hear. What year is it, anyway? Twenty Questions is something that preaches, but does not push us to learn.

It gives off a light atmosphere but the throw of lines and its implications definitely makes the audience sink deep into reality. Twenty Questions was originally written by Christian Vallez, or Juan Ekis, as a material for a commissioned work.

It has already been staged in and Alongside the successful run of Twenty Questions this month, the production plans on extending the screenings all over the Philippines. A preview of this would be seen in the book containing the script of Twenty Questions. Friday, June 5, Why do you need to invest in a reputed boosting in valorant company? Chevy K Brake Components Explained. Overwatch Anniversary Now Live! For a mere accessory, the price tags of wristwatches are expensive. Some may even equal to the amount of a second-hand vehicle or a Lenovo Legion takes Gaming PCs to new levels with latest lineup.

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“Twenty Questions ni Juan Ekis” is Back for a Limited Time Only

The entire room was designed and set-upped to feel like the stage itself. The entire room was designed and set-upped to feel like the stage. He was acting, he was himself acting as Jigs. It took him a while to find grounding and be more comfortable on stage.


Review: Juan Ekis’ ‘Twenty Questions’ Dares to Try Something New

The rule: No holds barred in answering the questions. Now the two with their newfound bond have to trust each other in keeping their secrets stay inside the room. The one-act play staged inside a hotel room seeks to engage the audience in having a more participative role, the writer and director Valles tells the audience after the play. The audience are seated in chairs directly beside the bed where the actors get into a conversation. This enables the audience to take a peek into or eavesdrop on the conversation happening in front of them. In the play, Jigs is the more conservative one holding on to his Catholic faith, with dreams of losing his virginity to the one he would marry. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Yumi, whose sexual adventures led her to wrong places, compelling her to make a vow of abstention so as to experience the magic of love making.

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