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Appendix 5 to K, Season Specific Hazards.. Appendix 6 to K, Accident Reporting Appendix 7 to K, Vehicle Commander Duties.. Appendix 8 to K, Vehicle Safety Equipment This single source regulation establishes policy, procedures and responsibilities for Vehicle Commander and driver selection, training, testing and licensing of operators on Army wheeled, tracked, and special equipment in the 2 nd Infantry Division.

AR Army accident prevention awards program. AR Accident Reporting and Records. AR Training in Units. FM Visual Signals. FM Battle Focused Training. FM Transportation Operations. FM Division Transportation Operations. ULLS-G collects operator licensing, dispatch, and equipment control data and provides management information at the unit level.

DA Form Equipment Qualification Record is the only authorized record for documenting equipment operator s qualifications. This process is designed to help streamline automated dispatch procedures through the use of a relational database. DA Form E is used for local command purposes only.

Battalion Master Drivers will review operator qualification information quarterly to ensure ULLS G is synchronized with manning rosters and review training qualifications to ensure accuracy.

In cases where there is a conflict on form disposition between this policy and the user manual, DA Pam takes precedence. Each unit will have a primary and alternate Master Driver.

Companies will have a SGT or above. Master Drivers and Examiners will be on appointment orders to road test personnel.

Master Drivers will ensure that all provisions of this regulation have been met before a DA E is issued. Company Master Drivers will be checked quarterly by the Battalion Master Driver to ensure consistency of training and road testing standards. The Battalion Master Driver will compare the road test evaluations to ensure all Master Drivers use the same standards when conducting road tests.

Commanders will have the authority to train, test, and license noncommercial tactical vehicles and equipment. However, driver and operator training, testing, and licensing for tactical vehicles and equipment will be conducted by the Master Driver at battalion or higher. Operators of special purpose vehicles, such as construction or material handling equipment, will be trained and licensed at company level with the training verified by the company commander IAW the appropriate Training Circular TC , FM , FM , FM g.

Military personnel whose duties require them to drive but who do not possess a valid U. Military operations are considered to be any operation required for military purposes, which has approval of the unit commander. These personnel will, under no circumstances, operate a tactical vehicle for administrative purposes or operate any administrative or commercial type vehicle. This program will ensure that Vehicle Commanders understand Vehicle Commander s duties and responsibilities.

The results will be maintained in the Soldier s drivers training packet at unit level. Only those personnel designated by the commander will serve as a Vehicle Commander. Company commanders may not delegate this appointment authority. Convoy Commanders will be trained and certified at the battalion level.

Battalion commanders may delegate signature authority to the Battalion Executive Officer. Convoy Commanders will be in the grade of E-7 or above. The battalion commander may certify personnel in the grade of E-6 that are serving in the assigned position of an E No other wear characteristics are authorized. Responsibilities: Brigade Commanders and Separate Battalion Commanders are responsible for ensuring the provisions of this regulation are met within their units.

Master Drivers must be licensed on tactical equipment within their company before attending the Division Master Driver Training Course. The check ride test course will be of sufficient length to allow the driver to demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of driving. Learner permits are valid for 90 days. The commander, or representative designated in writing, is the issuing official for a Military Operator s License. Master Drivers will schedule appointments for TMP requirements.

Division Master Driver: 1 Will be a non-commissioned officer in the grade of E-8 or above. Collaborate with the Division Safety Office, G4 Maintenance, and the Division Inspector General s Office to maintain awareness of accidents, safety concerns and maintenance trends. This site will contain comprehensive updated training program POIs, staff assistance inspections, publication and audio visual resources, and a two way communication tool from the Division Master Driver to Brigade, Battalion and Company level trainers.

Division Safety: 1 Provide updated safety and vehicle accident statistics to the Division Master Driver. Advise Commanders and assist the unit trainers in the development and Attend all Division Safety Counsel Meetings. Mere possession of a DA Form is not sufficient for a commander to determine suitability of a driver candidate.

A commander s Interview will be completed and maintained on file by the Unit Master Driver. Training: 1 Standards for the training of driver candidates will be centralized under the Division Master Driver.

Also annotate summer and winter drivers training when applicable. The minimum preliminary driver training will not guarantee that a driver candidate will pass the Korean traffic law and Korean sign portions of the driver test.

Driver candidates will complete all required classroom instruction prior to being issued a DA Form E. A licensed and certified examiner in the grade of E-5 or above will accompany each student while driving during training. Examiners will be designated in writing by the commander. A student driver sign written in Hangul and English will be conspicuously attached to the front and rear of each vehicle. Students will drive cross-country only on 2ID installations or in designated driver training areas approved by the battalion commander.

The unit Master Driver will oversee all unit road testing. All training aids will have Hangul translations. Learner permits will be issued to only those personnel undergoing a course of study in driver training or a new piece of equipment.

Successful completion of all tests is required before receiving a learner s permit DA E. These permits are valid only during regular training periods not to exceed 90 days , and only under the following conditions: 6 When a qualified driver, instructor, or examiner accompanies the driver candidate in the vehicle.

The Master Driver road test is the driver candidate s performance test. Separate cards are no longer necessary. VCs do not need to be licensed operators of the vehicle, although it is recommended. The following entry Experienced operators will be given a check ride on each piece of equipment they are to be licensed on while assigned to the 2ID before annotation of the DA or DA E.

Commanders and Master Drivers will not deviate from these procedures. Testing: 1 Driver candidates who fail the physical evaluation will be referred to unit medical personnel for evaluation. Unit medical personnel will certify weaknesses that can be corrected by counseling or medical treatment before a candidate can be issued a license. Unit commanders are the issuing authority for a Military Operators License.

Driver candidates will be in duty uniform, accompanied by the Unit Master Driver. No personnel will be admitted into the testing station once testing has begun.

Master Drivers are required to sign in at the testing station. DA Form s that are Driver candidates must score a minimum of 80 percent on each part of the test. Written certification signed by the Unit Master Driver will be acceptable proof that additional training has been completed. An individual may be retested a maximum of three times. The third test will be administered only upon written request of the driver candidate s company commander.

This duty cannot be delegated. All other hands on training may be performed by a designated Examiner. Sustainment training will be given to the experienced driver. Each license will be marked, numbered and entered in a record log.

Suspension and revocation of Military License: 1 Drivers found at fault in a motor vehicle accident resulting in injury will have their license suspended. The proponent agency of this regulation is the office of Assistant Chief of Staff, G3. Name, Rank 2. Do you have a valid state driver license? Do you have a current Military License?

Are you able to drive a manual transmission? What type of vehicles have you driven? Have you had any traffic accidents? Have you had any traffic violations? How many? What type? Do you consider yourself to be a good driver?


Download version 0.1 of Driver Training and Certification SOP.doc

Appendix 5 to K, Season Specific Hazards.. Appendix 6 to K, Accident Reporting Appendix 7 to K, Vehicle Commander Duties.. Appendix 8 to K, Vehicle Safety Equipment


2ID REG 56-4 PDF

Students must know the 2ID speed limits while operating a motor vehicle. If a Market Disruption Event exists with respect to the Underlying Index on that scheduled trading day, then the accelerated Final Valuation Date for the Underlying Index will be postponed for up to five scheduled trading days in the same manner used for postponing the originally scheduled Final Valuation Date. The Underlying Index is a price return index, and the Underlying Index Return excludes any cash dividend payments paid on its component stocks. The following discussion summarizes the U. You may get these documents for free by visiting www. Skill Defensive drivers develop the skills necessary to operate a vehicle properly and safely. Performance of the Securities.


Embed Size px x x x x Unit tactical convoy movements through congested areas will occur at night. Commanders additionally will reduce risk by conducting movements during non-peak hours. This policy imposes following restrictions:. No movement of tactical wheeled vehicles convoys during hours of on weekdays per 2ID Reg These rules apply to:. Vehicles ten tons or heavier are considered overweight.

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