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This is a modification of a 20 year old out-of-print game called Advanced Heroquest. The use of any name here does not constitute a challenge to trademark status. All names, rules, tables, and artwork here are used without permission. This is entirely fan assembled and is not intended for sale or distribution.

The purpose of this document is to generate interest in our small community for a once great game, while encouraging the collection, and purchase, of Citadel fantasy miniatures. You might be asking yourself, why does this document exist? This So why do this? Well first, I want to play and enjoy this game with expansions can generally be found online.

Further there are many the next thing you know you are writing your own variant. There are even some dedicated fan sites and online-communities in the Dark, the White Dwarf articles, and the better variants mostly poached from Slev all in one place.

I wanted to be able to search them and edit them where I see fit. Along the way I ended up changing quite a bit more but each change is subtle and the standard game is generally intact.

One rabbit hole or dungeon leads down to another and Basically I wished to have all the rules, from the core game, Terror fantastic fan-made variants already floating around the internet. Advanced Heroquest was a game I discovered as a young adult. It filled too many nights to count with great adventure and treasure hunting. I obviously have a deep nostalgic respect for this game. And despite an entirely botched game-box release this game provided a lot of fun for a lot of folks.

It suffered mainly from a lack of miniatures; Warhammer Quest in contrast came with enough miniatures to populate the entire fantasy universe, even Heroquest, the predecessor to Advanced Heroquest, came with a wide variety of monster models. The initial box release for Advanced Heroquest didn't even come with enough proper Skaven to run the built-in mission! The expansion Terror in the Dark came with no miniatures!

Aside from the content issue, like every game, some of the mechanics could be improved upon; though the general rule-set as is still holds up quite well to other games that have come and gone. The following is a generic list of the items that have been changed in this rules variant known as Enhanced! With a little searching online you can find some of the great rules Skill cards was the Hero advancement solution I was seeking Greywolf's Advanced Heroquest page and the Kabay: Advanced — Advanced Heroquest page.

If the simple elegance of old-school Heroquest is more your speed then Toco's Allied Heroquest is for you. He managed to merge Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest quite seamlessly in an impressive rule-set. Finally there is Slev's AHQ2. While not as visually impressive as some of the others, this is by far the most significant content variant to the game.

My own variation borrows a lot from Slev's great work. He went through great pains to improve the game and clearly put an enormous amount of time into design and play-testing. Slev managed an expansive reshaping far beyond my skill level and every diehard fan should check it out. Cards a Hero can flaunt his skill when the time is right, and as he variants to Advanced Heroquest. Through the use of Skill becomes more proficient he can do this more frequently. Giving a Hero a permanent skill may be too powerful, but a limited number of Skill Cards will still allow him to benefit from his training without ruining the game balance.

Having them limited in number also made it possible to provide potent and mighty abilities that are as fun to use as they are deadly. So that's it basically; there are probably a few more little things I'm forgetting. Stay tuned for a new Dark Elf Quest coming at some point down the road. The Gamesmaster has a number of vital tasks to perform during the The immediate goal of the Heroes is to complete a quest - a mission game.

When the Heroes are exploring, he lays out the dungeon they have chosen which links together the many expeditions they of the time, the layout is created according to a series of dungeon one dungeon as the Heroes attempt to conquer different enemies or sections. In the quest areas, the GM works from a prepared map, than one expedition for the Heroes to fully explore each dungeon. Most will make into the underworld. A quest may take place in more than generation tables, with the GM choosing how to place many of the find a number of Quest Treasures.

And it will probably take more informing the players of the contents of each section as they enter it. In this way, each individual game - each expedition to a dungeon is part of a greater exploration of the Warhammer world.

And as the Heroes explore, and fight, and find great treasures, so they will The GM controls the monsters - the fearsome creatures that make improve their skills, be able to buy better equipment, and attract a their lairs in the dark underworld and threaten the civilized peoples retinue of Henchmen willing to serve such renowned adventurers.

The Heroes will be trying to destroy the monsters and loot their treasure, and it is the GM's job to fight back, using the monsters to try and kill the Heroes or drive them from the dungeon.

We've included a quest in this rulebook so that you can start playing straight away. The Quest for the Shattered Amulet is an epic adventure that takes place in four separate dungeons, each of which The GM also controls the traps that have been set around the contains a fragment of the lost Amulet.

The Heroes' quest is to find dungeon, choosing when to play traps upon the Heroes and the four parts of the Amulet and defeat the Skaven guardians.

In the rules that follow there are examples of play and dungeon Finally, the GM looks up the results of the Heroes' dice rolls, layout drawn from the Quest for the Shattered Amulet. These are a describes the type of room or treasure that has been discovered, and helpful guide in explaining how to play Advanced Heroquest, but generally makes sure everything runs smoothly and according to remember that they are only examples - there are many other types the rules. A special section of the rules, called The Gamesmaster, of quest, designs of dungeon layout, and varieties of monstrous fully explains the GM's role and the GM should read and opponent for the Heroes to face.

The other players each control one Hero and, as the fame of their Hero spreads, a number of Henchmen. The Heroes explore the dungeon, moving through the labyrinthine passages and echoing chambers, and fight the monsters they encounter there, hoping to defeat them and recover their treasure.

Each player decides what his Hero and Henchmen do: where they move, who they fight, what weapons to use, whether to cast magic if the Hero is a Wizard, and so forth. The ultimate aim of the players is to develop a mighty Hero, a warrior or sorcerer whose exploits are known throughout the land. The successful Hero becomes more powerful as he learns new skills, gains magical items to help him, and attracts followers to aid him in his quests. With his ever-increasing power, the Hero is able to fight even greater foes and face the most terrible enemies, until his adventures truly become the stuff of which legends are made.

In Advanced Heroquest, you keep the same Heroes from game to game, developing their skills and building up their retinue of Henchmen. You only need to start again if your Hero is killed - and, even then, there are arcane magics powerful enough to raise the dead. For the first game, however, each player will need to choose the Hero he is going to play. Later, you'll learn how to create Heroes from scratch, but to start with it's a good idea to use the four Heroes that we've already created you'll find the filled-in character sheets in the reference section.

Each player should roll a dice, with the highest scorer having first choice of Hero. All four Heroes have their own strengths, so it doesn't matter too much which one you get. Take the prepared character for your Hero - if you want, you can copy the information onto a blank sheet so that you can change it during the game. If there are only three players, one of the Heroes is left out. If Bravery and Intelligence are ranked out of 12, with 12 showing there's only one player, he gets a Hero and two Henchmen.

Make complete expertise in that characteristic. Bow Skill BS measures his skill with a bow, or any other weapon he can throw or fire. Strength S and Toughness T are measures of his physical fitness.

Speed Sp shows how quickly he can move, Bravery Br measures his courage when faced with the unknown and Intelligence Int puts a value on his brains! The ready-made ones have all of the starting information about your Hero on it, though these scores will change as the game progresses. For your first characters, we've used the four Heroes from the examples in this rulebook - Heinrich, Torallion, Sven and Magnus.

When you Fate Points are a reflection of the legendary qualities of luck, a place in destiny, and those other indefinable qualities that mark the epic Hero.

By spending a Fate Point FP , you can change anything that just happened - you can even avoid being killed. Here is what the information means: The Wounds W score measures how healthy the Hero is. When you suffer damage in combat or from traps you will lose Wounds. If Each Character sheet has a space for an illustration of your Hero your Wounds score falls to 0, you are knocked out. If it falls any and a blank shield on which you can draw your Hero's heraldic lower than 0, that Hero dies, and must be removed from the game.

You should make a sketch of your Hero showing what weapons he's carrying and what armour he's wearing. If he finds or Notice that there are two columns for all these characteristics. The buys new weapons or gains a magical item, you can add these to the sketch. The blank shield allows you to show your Hero's emblem - first is the Hero's starting level.

This shows the Hero as he begins his emblem that suits your Hero - there are some good examples on the column is current level. Any changes to the starting level of a Hero life of adventure, without weapons, armour or injury.

The next this can also be painted onto the shield of the Hero's model. On the ready-made character sheets, you will see While the Hero players are filling in their character sheets, the GM that some of the current level boxes already contain numbers; these should prepare for his part in the game. He must: are the characteristics that are different at the start of the game because of the Hero's armour.


Advanced Heroquest Rulebook

Changes from HeroQuest included more complex and RPG-like rules, a modular board and the use of henchmen. The included quests featured the heroes entering a Skaven -infested dungeon in order to retrieve a magical artifact. The included quest featured the heroes being pitted against the Lichemaster, one of the adversaries from the original HeroQuest. The game used 12 sided dice D Combat worked by rolling a certain amount on a D12, determined by how high the opponent's WS was compared to the player's own in the case of melee or how far away the opponent was and the character's BS in the case of ranged combat. Damage worked by rolling a number of D12s determined by Strength and what weapon was being used.


Deathblow and Advanced Heroquest book

This is the Advanced HeroQuest section on my website. Legal Disclaimer: On this website visitors will be able to download files, containing unauthorized copyrighted work, owned by Games Workshop. The nature of this copyright violation is scanned tiles, cards and books from boardgame Advanced HeroQuest, with its expansion, released in the middle 90'ies.. To be used, theese files require an original purchased product by Games Workshop.

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