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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. I've been so happy with the quality, accuracy, and usability of my UB that I thought I'd get what looks like its baby brother to replace the Fluke meter I just gave to my son; I owned the Fluke for a while but wasn't using it as it has no uA range and is better suited for house electrical work.

The Keysight listing said 'used' but it's tested, guaranteed for 30 days, comes with a set of test leads, and the pictures assuming they are of my actual unit look like new. It has basic DC accuracy of 0. Any thoughts, comments, or advice on this meter? If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer. Hydrawerk Super Contributor Posts: Country:. I think that this DMM has a bad access for fuses, it is not easy to replace them.

Am I right? Amazing machines. There are two youtube videos which demonstrate some odd behavior of the meter. Any comments if they are anything to be concerned about? I have ub. The fuses are not easy to replace as it is in my video. I have not checked the odd behavior but it is fine dmm for me so far. In a world where I can click on the [Buy it Now] button in Amazon on a Saturday for an electronic item and have it appear on my doorstep with no shipping charges the following day - on a Sunday!

To be fair, their listing did say The eBay listing specifically says "Full working condition. Tested or calibrated" but points out that, if there's no picture showing a Cal certificate, there wasn't one then it's not calibrated.

So what does "tested" mean? If they tested it on the volts range and found it reported 11 volts when testing a 5 volt supply, what would they do then? OK, this post is a bit of a whining vent on my part and maybe they are thoroughly testing my used meter.

Fungus Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Quote from: Hydrawerk on September 10, , pm. Great piece of equipment, the only thing I cant stand is how ugly it is. Other than that i would own one. Sent from my LG-H using Tapatalk. Quote from: Fungus on September 15, , am. Minor but important, don't use alkaline, use LSD NiMh cells instead, they should be more than enough and probably will last very long time. Quote from: BravoV on September 15, , pm.

Looks like a nice meter, congratulations. It does not make sense to compare it to Amazon's one day shipping, which is only for certain items. It is like complaining my car does not accelerate like a Tesla Model S. Although I don't have the same models as you, I really like my handheld HPAK meters - well featured, accurate in the years of service and, save an annoyance or two, do the job with quite the excellence.

I don't use rechargeables on my meters, but I switched to Lithium non rechargeables simply because I am afraid of having a battery leak. My UA draws quite the power, thus the concern is not too pressing. However, the UA is extremely low power and the risk of leaving batteries that become old and leaky is higher. Regarding fuses, I always ran into accidents that required the occasional fuse replacement. Having to open the entire meter is not an issue in my opinion, but having to remove the PCB is quite extreme.

The information is there not to be an axiomatic truth, but instead each speck of data must be slowly inhaled while carefully performing a deep search inside oneself to find the true metaphysical sense Quote from: NoisyBoy on September 15, , pm. My bad, I thought it was a B and did the wrong lookup. I think this is always a challenge with working directly with large companies that rely most on distributors and retailers to serve the general public. The direct channel new or used may not be the fastest.

I agree with you that if you mostly work on low power circuits, the odd for blowing fuses is pretty low. Shops like Amazon, etc. An OEM like us Keysight loses very little business due to a slower shipping time.

That being said, often our authorized distributors DO have faster ship times if they've opted to stock an item. Our overhaul process is pretty extreme and the warranty backs up any rare latent problems that might pop up. The actual process can take a lot of different forms depending on the product, and it's not uncommon for multiple hands in multiple countries to touch a refurb product or board. Which brings us to Roseville, CA. If you USA drew the short straw and had a scope with a bad acquisition board, it'll end up in Roseville, where they'll put in a new or reman board and ship the scope back.

Your board then gets evaluated and possibly repaired to be sold in a refurb scope. So, it's not crazy for a place like Roseville to be the last place a refurb scope ends up before it lands on your bench. The situation varies with the complexity level of the equipment in question, but this is a general common situation. At the same time, your item could ship out of our place in Malaysia, which would account for the longer ship times.

Posts: Country:. Quote from: windsmurf on September 16, , am. Well the UB finally shipped and is supposed to get to me by 8 pm tomorrow via FedEx. If it is, the standard UB also came with a calibration certificate too as below example. Yes, I got two, don't ask. Berni Super Contributor Posts: Country:. The official Keysight ebay store is indeed a good place to get like new gear for quite a bit less money. Not all of Keysights handheld meters come with full measurement calibration certificates even when new.

But the used scope i got from the ebay store came in a original new box and with a fresh calibration certificate, but did not include accessories like probes.

It also shipped from Malaysia. It looks like the ebay store is just a way for Keysight to push out of gear that they can't quite pass off as new, but they try to get as close as they can by fixing up the gear if necessary. Im guessing this is also where the gear that is hauled all over the world to show off on trade shows ends up after a few years. They also have another ebay store where they flog off other non Keysight brand gear. Im guessing its things they got as part of some tradein promotion or stuff they got long ago to see what there competitors are doing.

The last time i looked things there ware not that great of a deal since a lot of it was pretty old stuff that could be gotten for a better price elsewhere. Well the one I bought was described as "used" and the listing said this Keysight Used UB Key Features Full working condition Tested 30 days warranty Options No Options included The description said that, if no Cal certificate was shown in the pictures, then it wasn't Cal'd but, like I asked before, what does 'tested' mean?

And what do they do if they test a used piece of used gear and it doesn't come in spec? And why would a meter that's being sold new by them be sold as used? I think it's possible to look up Cal certs from the Keysight website by serial number. I bought a used scope off them a while back and it stated 'calibrated' on the eBay description but they were telling me that it wasn't going to be calibrated but that, if they did calibrate it, it would take longer to ship like they were trying to discourage me.

I pushed back and it was then calibrated even though it took a week longer to arrive. Who knows, maybe I'll get 3 calibrated ones with all accessories? We'll find out tomorrow. How is that supposed to work if they don't hold together? Readings seem ever so slightly low but within 0.

Excellent, I am glad you got the DMM early. I presume you are feeding a 5V reference voltage in your picture, so a 0. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


Agilent U1242B Handheld Multimeter With U1173a USB Interface Cable

View Our Open Positons Here! The Keysight Agilent UB 4-digit handheld digital multimeter DMM is designed for quick checks and fixes in the installation and maintenance of machinery, facility and electrical systems. Key capabilities include the switch counter for the detection of glitches on facility switch and relay systems. The harmonic ratio function helps detect the presence of harmonics in AC supplies that can lead to overheating of motors, generators and transformers. The UB also enables dual and differential temperature measurements for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning HVAC systems. Monitoring differential temperature in real-time is especially useful in making sure that HVAC components in the system are cooling or heating the way they should with respect to time.



Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. I've been so happy with the quality, accuracy, and usability of my UB that I thought I'd get what looks like its baby brother to replace the Fluke meter I just gave to my son; I owned the Fluke for a while but wasn't using it as it has no uA range and is better suited for house electrical work.

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