Selecting ringer tune and volume. Selecting your telephone ringer tune choice of 6 tunes and adjusting ringer volume 7 levels. Tune number and. Using your telephone.

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Intrinsically Safe IS wireless products are designed specifically for use in hazardous environments, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, flour mills etc where inflammable gases or explosive dust may be present. IS products require designs that preclude the possibility of sparks being generated by high electric fields, intermittent electrical connections eg when changing a battery or when dropped etc.

The advent of IS DECT products means that staff in such environments can now enjoy cordless communication via the normal site telephone system to external contacts as well as on-site employees.

The dimensions are x x mm. Alongside the basestation comes the 9d23 ExProtector, an intrinsically safe handset, part of the Ascom 9d system.

Allowing staff to know what and where incidents occur. The addressable box allows anyone on the network to view the camera and activate motion detection.

When activated it can send pictures to an email address and notify a pager, duress unit or DECT messenger phone. The advantage of using a DECT repeater in hazardous environments is that there is no wired connection to the DECT-controller, which would need to be secured. Industrial protection is IP The connection to the DECT system is over the air. Power must be provided by a current limited 12V power supply. The Beacon has an Industrial protection is IP Nortel Networks Company website.

Cx Intrinsically safe handset - Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres such as the chemical and oil industries.

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