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Seller Centre Download. Your browser is not compatible with Shopee Video Favorite 1. No ratings yet. Shipping Fee. Ratings Product Specifications. Brand No Brand. Material Stainless Steel. Stock 0. Product Description. AMC Premium System offers the finest quality cookware with a lifetime guarantee, which enables healthy cooking especially those with health conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes since less fats, oils and salts are used.

The secret of this delicious combination lies in the unique AMC cooking methods: cooking vegetables without addition of water and frying meat without addition of fat. Vegetables cooked this way, taste considerably more intense and are definitely healthier.

On topf of all, vitamins, minerals and flavours are much better retained than by conventional cooking with water. When you fry meat without addition of fat, you avoid several unwanted calories daily. Healthy and light — as is the food, so is the attitude towards life. And so: enjoy your way to a slim you! Meat: By frying without addition of fat, you avoid several calories daily — without eating even a bite less. By cooking with AMC you save time, energy and effort. Elements perfectly tuned to each other, aid your cooking and ensure that your food turns out perfect always.

The Akkutherm-base enables swift absorption and distribution of heat, while the Sensotherm measures the temperature inside the pot. The Visiotherm indicates at all times, how hot it is inside the pot. With the help of Navigenio and Audiotherm you can set your cooking on automatic, while you sit back and relax. With AMC, cooking becomes true pleasure! Reliability and top-quality production in our own European production centres ensure sensible handling of natural resources. Time-saving through AMC cooking has a positive effect on energy usage.

Cook with your favourite pots lifelong— consciously and efficiently. What makes this investment particularly appealing: Through daily usage and the various savings, it pays off in the shortest time. Product Ratings. RM Ferrum non-stick wok cm. Nonstick Classic Frying Wok Luminarc Pot Swing 0.


AMC Audiotherm Manuals

I'm sure this makes the cooking process a lot easier! I'm sure it was a nice experience to be there. The photographs are outstanding! I very much look forward to seeing your experiment of Bitterground Chicken! AMC rocks! We are still using the older generation ones and they are still well-functioning!


AMC Audiotherm User Manual

Read this user manual carefully before you use the Audiotherm. Preserve the user manual and pass it on to the next owner. Meaning of the symbols Important instructions for safety. Non-compliance can lead to injuries or damages. Audiotherm-holder , Type A,.

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