Tebei Familienkasse Halle Husband goes in on a recognizance mission, said 17 year old assumed he would get hartz 4, bafog, ad his kindergeld. Kindergeld is for the parents to offset their costs, not for their feckless offspring. This is a prioritized list for www. But I have also never heard of a individual person requesting it for themselves. Der Anwalt soll speziell auf meinen Fall eingehen und detailliert Antwort geben sowie die allg.

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Started by taverabera , 8 Sep Posted 8 Sep In my integrations course today I was told that if you are married, under age 27, and learning in Germany, you can receive monthly Kindergeld from the government.

I thought Kindergeld was for little babies, or poor families. I would love to have more money each month so I wanted to check on this forum before going and asking in person. Is this actually possible? Strange, I'd like to have more money each month too so maybe you could keep us updated about whether this succeeds or not!

Every little helps, right?! On the other hand, if my taxes weren't so high because of parasites who don't want to earn their own money then I'd be able to keep more of my salary in the first place That was me being reactionary. Now I'll be helpful, and tell you that your question was already discussed in the thread below:. Requesting Kindergeld after 18th Birthday. Kindergeld is for the parents to offset their costs, not for their feckless offspring.

But I have also never heard of a individual person requesting it for themselves. Though the parents can of course choose to give it to the child or set it aside in savings for the child to use later, the latter of which we hope to do.

Technically, the Kindergeld is received by the kid not the parent , the parents are just usually grabbing it for themselves. There are special situations when the "kid" can apply by himself, like not having any idea where the parents are.

It is not easy but it is possible. Not like the OP situation is one of them. So then what would be the requirements on that. I am sure just as with other resources such as hartz4, eletrngeld ect. Anyone know how that works for one claiming for themselves? They tend to be rather friendly and helpful there, at least around here.

The requirement for an "Abzweigung" which that form is for is that your parents don't give you any money or less than the Kindergeld , or that your parents earn so little that they can't be forced to pay out money to others below Selbstbehalt. There's also another form for the case Krieg mentioned for kids whose parents are either dead or who don't know where their parents are or - could happen - if e.

Why should the kid get the Kindergeld? Are they paying rent, buying food, paying for utilities, school supplies, clothing, shoes, school trips, allowance, transportation. See how far it goes. Teens will inhale that amount daily, just in food and milk, easily. Normally, though, parents pay for these things and that is why the Kindergeld is there, to be used to offset all these bills. Are there dead-beat parents who grab this monthly payment and spend it on booze, cigs and stuff for themselves instead of the child?

Of course there are, but is it the norm? Personally I am glad my mom appropriated the funds rather then giving them to my girls gone wild crazy self at I think the money should be used for the children, but it does not have to be for them to use at their own discretion.

We hope to set some aside, when feasible, to give to our son at an appropriate time, but if he thinks he can come to me as a teen and demand it, he will be in for a rude awakening. I want my son to work hard for such things not to demand or feel he is owed them. But we are off track here, back on point. I understand how it is done, my apologies on my wording choice. I mean who is qualified to claim it.

If I come here as a 22 year old to study, or if I marry a german at 21, ect. Does one have to be a child of German nationals, or who is actually qualified to claim it for themselves? It's a state mechanism to promote parenthood a stated government goal by offsetting some of the basic costs involved. If it was meant to be a fund for kids when they're grown up it would be deposited into a bank and unavailable to the parents. There's just pretty much no one who'd sue their parents over this shit.

So no one knows if the 'child' in question has to be an EU citizen, German, or what? Obviously a German resident The one girl in my class that brought it up receives it herself is married, has a baby and NO, the money for the baby is something different and isn't German so I'm confused. Giving money to the kids Taschengeld is not legally required in Germany.

I do not think teens are always in the right state of mind when it comes to money management, not all but many. Take for instance my brother in law, 16, lucky as f to have found a ausbildung.

Decides he doesn't want to do it anymore, its not worth the low pay, and informs his mom he is going to quit. Husband goes in on a recognizance mission, said 17 year old assumed he would get hartz 4, bafog, ad his kindergeld. The government would pay for an apartment and even a car. And this was a german kid. After my husband told him him the laws changed and he would not get anything in regards to hartz4 and his own apartment at 17 he dealt with the fact he ought to stick with his ausbildung.

This kid is not appreciative of the free housing and food he gets. He thinks every whim ought to be paid by mommy. Now don't tell my husband I said that, but you get my drift. Most kids would blow the money on parties, food, junk. Not on rent. My experience was quiet the opposite, at 18 my mom said I could have my child support, but if I choose to stay home I can pay rent.

She covered all food costs and basics, but I paid small monthly rent and covered all of my personal costs Note 18 stateside being equivalent to 16 here, in terms of schooling and what not. The wifes niece despite being 23 and having a part time job at McDs will not give her parents any money towards upkeep as they have claimed Kindergeld for her all these years so she says she has a right to not pay.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Life in Germany. Kindergeld for a year-old? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Get a job you lazy fuck. Sarabyrd is right any parent in Germany can get it, it is not income based. Kindergeld is for the parents to offset their costs. But doesn't the parent have to apply for the offspring, versus one applying for themselves?

Fair enough you learn something new everyday. I am too old, just find it rather interesting myself. I agree with you moondancer, the same arguments are often made for child support payments. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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