Hyperlinks, which can be listed in an attribute table using a Text field and opened in ArcMap, sometimes fail to open. An error message similar to the following is returned:. This issue may occur due to the following potential issues. Ensure that hyperlinks are enabled in the feature layer.

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Hyperlinks allow you to access documents or web pages related to features. These hyperlinks can be accessed for each feature using the Hyperlink tool on the Tools toolbar. This topic describes how to set and use hyperlink properties for a map layer.

Hyperlinks have to be defined before you use the Hyperlink tool, and they can be one of three types:. You can define a hyperlink for the features in a layer either by using field-based hyperlinks or defining a dynamic hyperlink using the Identify tool. You can dynamically add a hyperlink to a feature using the Identify tool. With dynamic hyperlinks, you do not use an attribute field to supply the hyperlink targets.

The hyperlink target you specify is associated with the identified feature. This association is stored with your layer. They are also stored with your layer if you save the layer to a file. You can specify any number of dynamic hyperlinks for any feature. All the dynamic hyperlinks defined for a feature are listed in the Hyperlinks pull-right list in the identify results context menu steps 1—3 above.

Also available from this menu is Manage Hyperlinks. Here, you can add and remove dynamic hyperlinks for this feature. This list does not include field-based hyperlinks, and the commands available have no effect on field-based hyperlinks. You can use ArcMap settings to set the color for displaying hyperlink features using the following steps:.

Click the General tab. Check When the Hyperlink tool is selected, highlight features containing clickable content.

Click the color drop-down menu to specify a different color for the highlights. As part of a map's properties, you can specify a hyperlink base, which is the base path, or URL, used for field-based hyperlinks to documents or URLs. They can just contain the name of the file. Using this property makes it easier to manage hyperlinks because if the location of the targets change, you can simply edit this one setting instead of having to edit each value of the field providing the hyperlink targets.

There is one Hyperlink Base property for the map document. This setting has no effect if you specify that the target values are to be sent to a macro. Also, this setting has no effect on dynamic hyperlinks. You can override this default so that no slash is automatically added.

Overriding the default makes it easier to work with long paths and URLs. If you override the default, ArcMap will still retain the slash if the hyperlink base specified in Map Document Properties ends in a slash character. So, if you override the default, you can still add a slash manually to the hyperlink base. The setting to override the default only applies to your machine and is not stored as a property in the map document you are working with.

Sometimes, you may want to give a map that contains hyperlinks to someone who does not have access to your network resources. Just as you can save the map with relative paths to the data, you can also specify hyperlinks that refer to a location relative to the map.

To specify a path to a document in the same folder, type the document's name. For the example below, you would type directions. Hyperlinks to documents can contain parameters that define how the program opens the document. For example, parameters can tell Adobe Reader to open a PDF to a specific page, allowing map features to hyperlink to different pages in the same document. Since each software package such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader, and so on has unique commands, consult the documentation for the software package used to open the document for the parameters and syntax available to it.

Many times, these parameters will be provided for use in a command line. For example, to open a. PDF document to page 5, the command line might look like the following:. ArcGIS does not read these parameters like a command line. Instead, it uses a special delimiter, a?

The hyperlink to the same document and page in ArcGIS would look like this:. Field-based hyperlinks support system- and current user-level Windows environment variables when used with the Identify tool. Environment variables must be set on the computer prior to utilizing them for hyperlinks. To use environment variables within ArcGIS, you will need to qualify the variable with a dollar sign, not percentage signs. You can create a dispatch object within your script code to call functions from a custom library.

This allows you to access ArcObjects through your hyperlink script via the dispatch object. An example of a hyperlink script that creates a dispatch object. Arc GIS for Desktop. Defining field-based hyperlink properties Defining dynamic hyperlinks through Identify results Using hyperlinks Managing hyperlink paths Making hyperlinks with relative paths Using parameters to control how a program opens a hyperlinked document Advanced hyperlink functionality.

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Accessing hyperlinked features

This option adds a hyperlink for an individual feature in a feature layer, allowing access to feature-related documents, images or web pages when the pop-up window is clicked. Features without hyperlinks display null values in the hyperlink section of the pop-up window. Technical Support. New and Improved Support App! Learn more. Close and Don't Remind. Back to results.


How To: Add hyperlinks to files that could be located in several subfolders

Sometimes documents that must be hyperlinked to features are organized into several subfolders. This is typically done to organize large amounts of data into more manageable smaller folders. One challenge with organizing documents in this way is that it can create confusion when trying to hyperlink features to documents that could be in any of the subfolders of a parent directory. The following workflow is one method to recursively iterate through a directory to find and display documents that are associated with a feature, all through a Python script.


FAQ: Is it possible to add a hyperlink path to a field in ArcGIS Pro?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Is there a way to reconnect the Hyperlink in a Dynamic Hyperlink? The situation is one of my workers was linking polygons to pdfs with Dynamic Hyperlink because each polygon had several pdfs that needed to be link. The person sent me the mxd, and shapefile used for the Dynamic Hyperlink however the path to bring up the pdfs are not the same. The worker used his local drive and I trying to setup the link through our network so other workers can view the link pdfs. Is there way to edit the path in a mxd file or the map properties to fix the link between the polygons and pdfs.

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