Contact Us. Dates and Rates. A trip to the Incan sanctuaries is a journey to the cosmos, nature and the human being himself. The pre-Colombian cultures integrated cosmic laws in their architecture. The decisions about the choice of places of worship and their locations were made on the basis of realities given by nature itself, in places where the landscape conjugates perfectly with cosmologic observations.

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Astronomy Across Cultures pp Cite as. As children of the sun god, Inti, the Inca ruled their empire. Their claim to this position was reinforced through mythology and ceremonies involving a system of solar markers around the horizon of Cuzco.

The remains of such solar markers have now been found, giving flesh to early Spanish accounts. But many questions remain. This system required the support of other observations. Who made them and how? More importantly, how was this sky watching activity used to support the Inca imperial system?

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The INCA: Rulers of the Andes, Children of the Sun





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