Astrojax is a trademark of Active People, Switzerland, for a toy consisting of three balls on a string. Inside each ball is a metal weight. The metal weight lowers the moment of inertia of the center ball so it can rotate rapidly in response to torques applied by the string. This prevents the string from snagging or tangling around the center ball.

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Astrojax , invented in by Larry Shaw, is a toy consisting of three balls on a string. One ball is fixed at each end of the string, and the center ball is free to slide along the string between the two end balls.

Inside each ball is a metal weight. The metal weight lowers the moment of inertia of the center ball so it can rotate rapidly in response to torques applied by the string. This prevents the string from snagging or tangling around the center ball. Roughly, Astrojax play is a cross between juggling , yo-yo , and lasso. A wide variety of tricks and maneuvers can be performed with it.

The basic orbits are vertical orbits, horizontal orbits and a figure-eight butterfly pattern. Astrojax has been used to teach physics at the grade school, high school, and college levels, NASA has taken Astrojax into outer space as part of its Toys in Space education program, and Astrojax has even been the subject of research on nonlinear dynamics, chaos, and the N-body problem on a sphere using sophisticated computer modeling and advanced mathematics.

Astrojax was invented by Cornell University physics graduate student Larry Shaw in while fiddling with hex nuts and dental floss.

From to , Astrojax was licensed by Active People , a Swiss company specializing in yo-yos , juggling toys, kites and open-ended toys such as Bilibo. In , Larry Shaw terminated Active People's license for Astrojax due to breaches of contract, including failure to pay royalties. In , Larry Shaw initiated an international arbitration against Active People due to their continuing sales of Astrojax. The Final Award of the arbitration lawsuit included an injunction against Active People's sales of Astrojax and award to Shaw of back royalties.

The Final Award assigned fees and expenses for the arbitration to Active People, indicating Active People had no legal grounds for their failure to pay royalties or honor the termination of their license for Astrojax. The Weave has balls which are 4. The Weave comes in three Maya versions which have lighter balls on a shorter string, [9] six Spectra versions which have intermediate weight balls on an intermediate length string, [10] and two Pro versions which have heavier balls on a longer string.

Horizontal Orbit: One of the balls is held in the user's hand, the other two maintain horizontal orbits underneath. The two spinning balls counterbalance each other. This is maintained by small movements of the top ball to keep the orbits from slowing.

The trick can be started by holding both the top and bottom balls the top one directly below the bottom one , and spinning the middle ball. Then releasing the bottom ball creates a horizontal orbit. Vertical Orbit: Similar to the horizontal orbit, but with the bottom and middle balls orbiting perpendicular to the ground.

By tugging slightly on the ball in hand, the orbit continues however long the user desires. This is the starting movement for both tricks. Butterfly: Starting with a vertical orbit the top hand is moved left and right quickly, in time with the rotation of the bottom ball. This causes the balls to move in a shape resembling a helix. Switch: During a vertical orbit the top ball is released and the bottom ball is caught.

The orbit now continues with their positions reversed. This trick can be performed repeatedly to add to the effect. Venus: The bottom ball of a vertical orbit is pulled hard so that it travels over the users arm, followed by the middle ball. This trick can also be repeated for added effect. Thriller or "Eskimo Yo-Yo": Hold the middle ball in one hand and start swinging the right ball around it.

Then, throw the left ball around and around and watch them swing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Astrojax Tricks

What do you get when you cross a yo-yo with juggling balls? The answer is Astrojax! This is a much more recent toy compared to the diabolo and juggling balls which have been around for many hundreds of years. New tricks are being invented all the time! Astrojax consists of 3 weighted balls attached by a piece of string with the middle ball freely moving. The construction of an actual Astrojax is however fairly complex as each ball has a precision machined metal weight in order to provide maximum performance and smooth action whilst playing.


We know, the abundance of resources we make available to you has you absolutely dizzy with excitement. Check it out below courtesy of TheFerrell! We've all done it. Got excited about Astrojax, wanted to share it with someone in the world.

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