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The Limits of Intuition. But They do Have a Comparative Advantage…. Who Wins? Conquering Fear The Difficulty with Groups So, Where Are They? Structured Environments The Subway The Street A Grocery Store.

Windows of Opportunity Now, a Word or Two on Approaches… Words Three and Four on Approaches…. What Killed the Samurai? She with Him? So, What Do You Say? Missed Opportunities and Global Population Side Note: Presentation. Fashion 35 Hygiene Food or, Keeping Your Energy Up Now, on to… Money! Two Categories of Men and the Immigration Analogy Touchy, Feely.

Aggression and the Theme of Penetration. Castle and Kingdom. Lighting Temperature 60 Furniture Condom Placement Condoms in the Act — Durex vs. Now What? Getting Her Naked. Managing Expectations Girls on Rotation. Breaking It. The Danger of Obsession Managing a Reputation. Logistics and Female Menstruation Soiled Linens. Sexual Ennui. Russian Girls at Dinner. The One from Fascinated by his story and hi s uncanny ability to meet wome n, I sent him an email to meet for lunch.

I had a proposition of my ow n. I wanted him to write this book. My gut told me the experience Paul had accumulated from years of hitting on, picking up, and sleeping with hundreds of women, was so mething rare, something valuable. During our first meeting together, I watched Paul approach several attractive women and stroll off—victoriously—with their phone num ber and in most cases an agreement to meet later on in the week for a drink.

He was fearless and unshakable. When he approaches a woman whom he has never spoken to and wants to meet, his ability to control the interaction to lead to his desired outcome is in structive.

Paul knows what he wants her phone number and usually walks away with it. These women know immediately that they are de aling with a man who has expe rienced more than his fair share of the opposite sex, and they respect him as a result.

So as you study this material, keep this in mind—nothing here is theoretical. What you will learn is a practical approach for meeting and dating as many women as you want. Perhaps you have no desire to sleep with hund reds of women. I, fo r one, do not. But the social skill-set that you can deve lop, simply by implementing a few of these techniques will give you the ability to choos e the type of women you want in your life.

Regardless of your goals, understand that wh at you have in front of you is NOT common knowledge. In fact, much of what you w ill read will probably shock you. But you can learn from the extreme, even if you choose a different path.

What you have in front of you is, to my knowledge, the most powerful dating technology ever to be made available to the single ma n. Warm Regards,. Mike Bradford. Sleeping with multiple women is difficult. A ny girl can be a slut: excepting the deformed, most women can walk out onto the street and have a sexual engagement in less than ten minutes. Men, on the other hand, often have a difficult time seducing a woman even in the suggestive atmosphere of the bedroom.

Verbatim, from a discussion with a fellow player:. There are 10, differ ent things you can do with a girl — 10, different ways to go — but only 3 will lead to you having sex with her 1. From my own experi ence, facility with the opposite sex goes beyond the sex act. Learning how to sleep with women will make a man more confident, easy going, masculine, proud and resilient in the face of challenge or rejection — all truly male qua lities.

In short, the best way to feel most comfortable and confident around all women is to lear n how to sleep with many of them.

I grew in Santa Monica, California,. I was a class clown and goofed off, so as the stand- out I attracted my share of female admirers … They were only ten, keep in mind. I kissed. I do remember Seven Minutes in Heaven… Shacking up in a dark closet and seeing what woul d happen between a girl and a guy.

Not true. Fast-forward to late high school and several lay-ups bungled because I was insecure and would get so apprehensive a bout escalating a sexual situation. My closest shot came freshman y ear in college with a girlfriend who was visiting from high school. But alas, t oo many drinks and… whiskey dick! So it finally happened with a Mormon girl right after I turned 20… I was in my third decade of life before the fruit of Eve was mine for the sampling.

And of course, along with every other red-blooded young man, I was sold! I remember a bachelor auction that was held in Boston, Massachusetts. It was college guys on the block and horny Wellesley girls bidding. A dark-haired Raven bought me after demanding that I show my dance mo ves onstage and after our first date, she stuck her tongue in my ass. I lived in Boston and had a business for the five years after school and I did well, but left some obvious opportunity on the ta ble.

Keep in mind, though, that preserving your integrity as a man will serve you in both models and even if the relationship ends, the woman will still look upon you fondly and respectfully.

The challenge is to make the most of the harvest. Some of what you read will seem counterintu itive, and it is. This stuff is not a simple enhancement that takes common sense — women like flowers, for ex ample — and tells you to buy carnations instead of roses.

This material is of a qualitatively different character. A forward-tail event occurs only at the leading edge of the bell curve. Same thing here. You may have to re -read some of the stuff a coupl e of times before it sinks in. Even then, it will be theoretical. Hang in there and stretch beyond your comfort zone. You owe it to yourself to do so! As with anything worthwhile, the skills you learn here are applicable outside the dating realm.

The clarity necessary for approaching women cold is the same clarity I can focus on any situation in my life. A strong, confident, direct, unapol ogetic but kind man is the type of man who succeeds in dating…and in life. There are some guys who single out weak, insecure wo men as targets, sure. Some are mousy, shy, and insecure a nd others are confident, fun and humorous.


Attraction Formula - Paul Janka

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Attraction Formula

Dating can be hard. There are a thousand things you can screw up. It's too easy to say the wrong thing, come on too strong, or follow-up at the wrong time. It's too easy to fumble your words, try to kiss her when she's not ready, or send the wrong message. But it doesn't have to be The Attraction Formula is a highly-refined process that takes you from first "hello" with a woman, all the way to the bedroom.


The Limits of Intuition. But They do Have a Comparative Advantage…. Who Wins? Conquering Fear The Difficulty with Groups So, Where Are They? Structured Environments

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