Today, although our products number in the thousands, we never rest. Each year, tens of millions of dollars are invested in expanding and improving our technology with the purpose of better serving our customers. Better technology that creates better value is our passion. In short, the more sensors you have in place monitoring the various conditions of your machinery, the better. Protecting your critical machinery with our family of sensors is an important step.

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The system provides an output voltage that is directly proportional to the distance between the probe tip and the observed conductive surface. The system can measure both static position and dynamic vibration data. Its primary use is in vibration and position measurement applications on fluid-film bearing machines, as well as Keyphasor measurement and speed measurement applications.

The 5mm Proximity Transducer System includes:. It accommodates a variety of applications with a linear measurement range of 4 mm mil and provides a 3. The 11 mm tip gives this Transducer System a longer linear range when the standard 8 mm lacks sufficient reach. Bently Nevada's 11mm Proximity Transducer System consists of:.

The XL 25 mm Transducer System measures differential expansion DE on mid-size to large steam turbine generators caused by the difference in growth rates between the turbine rotor and the machine stator casing , and plays a vital role in any comprehensive TSI system. The 25mm probe can survive in the harshest steam turbine differential expansion environments. The XL 50 mm system measures the differential expansion DE between the rotor and stator of large steam turbine generators and is a vital input for Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation TSI systems.

The 50 mm system is capable of withstanding the harshest steam turbine environment. Featuring an Alumina ceramic cap and stainless steel probe casing, the XL Ceramic Capped probe provides robust protection for applications in anhydrous ammonia or other extreme pH environments.

Compatible with the 8 mm XL Proximitor Sensor and its extension cable. Additionally, this sensor serves tachometer, zero speed and Keyphasor applications. These designs also seal the probes against gases. All our underwater probes are rated to psi 34 Bar on the interface between the tip and probe casing. An advanced thermoplastic called Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS is molded with glass and conductive fibers to strengthen the housing and effectively dissipate the danger of electrostatic charges.

The housing cover contains its own XL Proximitor sensor, thus eliminating the need for an extension cable. More than 60 years ago Don Bently launched his first industrial product: the eddy current proximity sensor. The decades since that achievement have seen the quality and diversity of our proximity sensors evolve to include transducers that detect the presence of acceleration, velocity, and pressure.

Our industry-leading proximity solutions offer superior performance and interchangeability in harsh environments with full API compliance on applicable options.

Here are a few benefits of our proximity sensor systems:. Bently Nevada has the right online condition monitoring system for your assets with these online condition monitoring hardware products. Bently Nevada offers the following services that will support your Proximity Sensors in keeping your machinery in the best condition:.

We have more than years of experience in measurement instrumentation, inspection technology, industrial software and services. We make the invisible visible- delivering peace of mind for customers in over 20 industries. Bently Nevada provides industry-leading hardware, software, and service for even the most challenging condition monitoring and vibration analysis situations.

When you need to know what's going on with your machines, Bently Nevada can get you the answers. Bently Nevada Home. Our portfolio of monitoring systems, from machinery protection and condition monitoring to portable applications — all work to ensure the highest level of asset protection. Machinery Protection. Our online machinery protection systems can monitor your machinery and shut them down in the event of an alarm event, saving you costly repairs and downtime.

Condition Monitoring. Our family of Portable data collectors allow you take our powerful diagnostic capabilities anywhere. The Bently Nevada portfolio of sensors detect, measure, calibrate and analyze your critical equipment in virtually every way to prevent costly outages. Proximity Sensors. Our Proximity Sensors are ideal for measuring rotor shaft position and vibration within the clearances of its fluid film bearings and deliver superior performance in harsh environments.

Velocity sensors and accelerometers capture critical machinery data, protect your machinery, and safeguard your assets with ever-expanding capabilities. Wireless - Ranger Pro. Pressure Sensors. The Bently Nevada product line includes pressure sensors for measuring static slowly-changing average values for general applications, rapidly-changing dynamic waveform values for specific applications, and reciprocating compressor cylinder pressure.

Hydro Sensors. Our superbly-designed Hydro Sensors track the condition of your hydroelectric generator and turbine to help you avoid unplanned outages. Our current portfolio of accessories offers a range of options from protective housings, junction boxes and brackets to wiring, flexible conduit and conduit fittings, cables and cable protectors, and more. System 1 Condition Monitoring Software.

Bently Nevada's flagship software platform, System 1, offers a modern and intuitive interface that enables users to establish, manage and improve their plant-wide condition monitoring programs. Boost your proficiency in Remote Monitoring with our Training and Support Services to get the maximum value out of your production assets! Downhole Solutions. We have the widest range of products in the industry, designed for accuracy, reliability and durability in the most extreme conditions.

Eddy Current. Make your eddy current inspections faster, without compromising accuracy. Portable and lightweight, our eddy current array flaw detection solutions — including an extensive series of compatible test probes — are designed for high frequency surface to low frequency sub-surface inspections for weld, aerospace including rotary and general purpose inspections. Eddy Current Portables. Inspect with rugged eddy current instruments that provide high and low frequency inspections for defect detection, conductivity, and coating thickness measurement—including dual frequency and dynamic rotating drive capabilities.

Emissions Measurement and Reduction. Advanced Process Control - flare. IQ is a unique advanced process control solution to reduce methane emissions and VOC emissions from flares through dynamic control of flare assist systems, reducing operational costs, reducing risk of fines, and creating peace of mind, without the latency of traditional control schemes. LUMEN'S methane monitoring system not only protects well sites, refineries, pipelines and petrochemical plants, it also protects the environment by reducing the release of harmful leaks into the atmosphere by quantifying the leak rate, identifying the location of the leak streaming data in real time and by proving the location of the leak, operators can save money, reduce health and safety issues as well as protecting the reputation of the company, all in a cost-effective manner.

Flame Sensors. Reuter-Stokes has pioneered the use of ultraviolet UV detectors in flame detection for natural gas turbines. More recently introducing solutions not requiring problematic water cooling. Now we are providing this advance technology to new applications where fast, reliable detection of flame or light is necessary to ensure proper control of processes. Flare Management. For flare control in real-time, selected instrumentation goes beyond the ultrasonic meter on the main flare line.

A complete set of solutions must be implemented. Our instrumentation is a great start, and combined with our flare. IQ solution and services, we can ensure you are always in control.

Process control in many industries relies upon understanding how much fluid flows through the pipes in order to optimize efficiency and maximize profit. Flow meters measure the rate or quantity of flow of liquids, gases and steam using a variety of technologies. Flare Flowmeters. BHGE Panametrics is the standard bearer for ultrasonic flare mass flow measurement. IQ advance process control solution. Custody Transfer, Allocation, Leak Detection.

The change in ownership of high-value assets such as natural gas, crude or petroleum products at process transfer points demands high accuracy and custody transfer-level flow measurement to meet the strict accuracy requirements of regional approval authorities. This accuracy is critical when monetary transactions are involved. Process Flowmeter. As the leader in flare gas metering, BHGE leverages its expertise in gas flow measurement across the DigitalFlow family of inline and clamp-on process gas and inline steam meters.

Vortex Flow Meter. Vortex flow meters have been the workhorse of plants globally because of their ease of installation and near-zero maintenance costs. Ultrasonic In-line. Process flow meters are an integral part of a process containing liquids, gases and steam. Without the ability to monitor fluid flow operators are often left in the dark unable to control the throughput.

Ultrasonic flow meters enable companies to accurately measure volume and velocity of various process liquids even if they are ultrapure or dirty. Ultrasonic Clamp-on. Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are able to measure fluid flow in many applications. They are easy to install without process shutdown, accurate and versatile for different industries, fluids and pipe thicknesses.

Portable Flowmeters. These meters attach to pipe fixtures to measure the flow within the pipe. Industrial Cybersecurity. As a global leader of industrial controls, we are well-equipped to help you improve your cybersecurity posture and support compliance efforts.

Our products are built with security in mind and are easily integrated into broader plant-level systems and IT architectures. SecurityST Centralized Management. SecurityST Cybersecurity Solution. Cyber Asset Protection Validated Patching.

Industrial radiography and Computed Tomography are widely regarded as one of the most reliable and proven NDT methods. It offers the unique benefits of revealing changes in thickness, internal and external defects, and interior assembly details. X-Ray Film Systems. Achieve higher quality, consistent X-ray inspections.

Our industry-leading range of radiographic films, processing equipment, chemicals, and quality assurance tools ensure better processing quality for reliable inspections, while reducing costs and emissions.


Proximity Sensors, Probes & Transducer Systems

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Bently Nevada Vibration and Thrust Transmitters

Bently Nevada Vibration Monitoring. Sort and Filter Results. Select options for pricing. Bently Nevada Proximity Sensor. Part of the XL Transducer System, highly immune to radio frequency interference. Simulates shaft vibration and position for calibrating Bently Nevada monitors and proximity probes. Bently Nevada Seismic Transmitter.

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