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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Khairma Fitriana. Dadan Suryana. Fitriana sari khairma. Against the condition of such children, educators are usually very difficult to regulate and guide him. Besides being very difficult to calm down, hyperactive children often interfere with others, like cutting off teachers or friends, and having difficulty understanding what the teacher taught the child.

In addition, hyperactive children's learning achievement also can not be maximized. That's why an approach is needed to help these hyperactive children so that they can maximize their potential and improve their performance. Educating a hyperactive child is a different way to educate normal children. One way is to apply discipline to children without excessive punishment if the child makes a mistake.

To enforce that discipline, the educator can begin by making small agreements with the child to understand what is good and right, but in a way that does not offend them. Above all, it is very important for educators to devote attention to all their behaviors while doing school activities in order to stay in control. Other causes of congenital Children in age preschool who have temperament, due to the influence of the very unruly behavior, could not be quiet, environment, the brain malfunctions, as well don't pay attention to the lessons of as epilepsy.

Or it could be due to a disorder processed, busy with their own activities and of the brain, like a tantrum on trauma due to interfere with other friends usually childbirth is difficult or never bump, experience disruptions in its development. This attention.

These disorders are caused minor condition is also referred to as hyperkinetic damage in the central nervous system and disorder. In the past this condition often the brain so that the range of concentration called minimal brain dysfunction syndrome. ADHD, namely: This behavior is characteristic of coloring a 1.

Less attention variety of situations and can continue to Inability to focus or inability to concentrate mature. Experts have differing opinions on this matter, whereas according to the Vanny, 2.

For example speak types of ADHD: continuously, unable to be ordrely, always moving, and sleeplessness. Experts have differing opinions on this subject, whereas according to vanny, 3. Impulsive ran into a highway, hit a flower pot while They are very easily distracted, but running at the time in the room, or speak not hyperactive or impulsive.

They show no without thought of first as a result. This type is mostly in girls. Hyperactive Hyperactive behavior can interfere The child shows symptoms which with the process of teaching and learning are very hyperactive, but sometimes they activities.

Therefore, educators are expected can focus. This type is often found in young to give attention and handling on learners. There are several factors cause hyperactivity in children such as "Factors or genetic 3.

Izzaty, — Most children are of this type. So hyperactive is meant a According to Sunardi — pattern of behavior in someone who shows 88 biological factors is one factor causes the attitude like less orderly, uncontrollable, hyperactive behavior. The biological factors not paying attention and impulsive.

Hyperactive children are always move and Hereditary factors or genetic factors known never feel fun of the games or toys that other as it is assumed that a hyperactive child is a kids like their age, because their attention child who comes from a family that has a likes to move from one and focus to history of hyperactive behavior.

They seemed to be relentlessly in Other experts say the factors cause searching for something interesting and hyperactivity in children is as follows: engaging and difficult to stop. More details can be explained as noise and poverty. Psychological factors CHILD What is meant here is the child of scant According to Sugiarmin in Al- attention from his parents because it was too Bayhaqi, in applying the technique busy, so hyperactive behavior is performed and how to treat hyperactive students is the for the purpose of getting attention from most appropriate and then choose the most environment, especially the elderly.

If a certain technique did not give results, 2. Factors of indulgence replace or gain some other technique.

That is to say by treating the children Sugiarmin in Al-Bayhaqi also too much. Children who are getting a lot mention the techniques used are: pampered that often chooses her own way to fufill their needs.

They will deceive her a. Eliminate Or Reduce Uncontrolled parents to obtain what they wants. The Behavior. Developing behaviour 3. Factors of lack of discipline and Developing behavior carried out supervision. Based on the It means that a child who is less opinion of the above it can be concluded that discipline and supervision will make his a hyperactive child in general have the same behavior as irreguler and without any learning barriers. They are difficult to focus attention from the parents.

If the child left on a lesson or an activity and also have without the attachment in the house, then a unstable motivation to learn. These hyperactive child will do everyhting as they circumstances have resulted in the want teacher in the school and others will emergence of learning behavior disorders.

Technique that can deal is to help reduce or eliminate undesirable behavior and expected Environmental aspects are also development behavior. In addition, suspected to be related to genetic factors that according to Haira in her article there can cause hyperactivity, among which lead are several ways that can do by the teacher powders are unconsciously inhaled or in the face of a hyperactive child, namely: ingested by humans through the weathering of some of the furniture around us like 1.

Place the child on a bench near the cooking utensils. Other environmental teacher, among calm children and very aspects such as the disruption of room attentive to the lesson. Avoid placing a child near a window, experience a problem both in the family open door or a painting which color is bright environment and in the school environment, because it will damage his concentration.

Stare at the child while communicating. Get rid of unnecessary equipment at the There are special ways that could children's desk, so that they full of attention carried out the teachers in schools in providing attention, affection, guidance, and 5. Use of physical contact, such as holding the best atmosphere for a hyperactive child. Give reward when the child is quiet. Inform their parents to provide a quiet learning activities are completed fun for the place, away from television or loud music.

Remind parents to train children to between teachers an ongoing basis with perform activities regularly or scheduled at parents and if necessary other families or certain times e.

Thus, it is expected that hyperactive children can be 9. Encourage his parents to train children to overcome early and can grow like a normal prepare school needs before going to bed, so child even more being genius and are not being rush in starting going to extraordinary. So hyperactive is a pattern of behavior in someone self who shows the uncontrollable attitude, hard to paying attention and impulsive acting at will.

Hyperactive children always moving and feel boring in playing games or toys that are favored by the other kids like their age because their attention is like switching or difficult to be focus on. They seem endlessly looking for something interesting and exciting. It can be diagnosed by symptoms and physical characteristics or child behavior. Ciri-Ciri Anak Hiperaktif. Jakarta: Dit. Mengatasi Anak Bermasalah.

Bandung: Refika Aditama Sunardi. Ortopedagogik Anak Tuna Laras I. Related Papers. By Ninis Oemar Afnan. By Michael R S Clarke. By Anies Al-Hroub. By Intakhab A Khan. Download file. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up.


Tips Menangani Anak Hiperaktif

Lab Enthronet. Melalui aplikasi ini kami akan mencoba memberikan beberapa tips menghadapi anak yang hiperaktif agar bisa dikendalikan dan diarahkan ke hal yang positif semoga bisa membantu anda Free Parenting APP. Flag as inappropriate. Facebook Twitter YouTube. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


Sementara anak yang hiperaktif cenderung sulit fokus dan kerap terlihat gelisah saat harus duduk diam untuk belajar. Sedangkan anak hiperaktif cenderung berbicara dengan tempo yang relatif cepat Namun jika diberi pengertian, anak aktif bisa mengikuti instruksi dan menunggu dengan sabar. Sementara anak hiperaktif cenderung akan kesulitan mengontrol dirinya saat menunggu giliran. Sumber : Majalah SBH. Di era modern, gadget sudah menjadi cara yang umum untuk membuat anak Anteng. Dalam batas kewajaran, paparan media visual untuk anak masih bisa ditolerir.

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