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Page Count: Page 1 of Phone: 1 Fa x: 56 2 Page 2 of Table of Co ntents. Page 3 of Page 4 of Page 5 of Page 6 of Figure 1 — Configurat ions screen Figure 2 - Sc reen calibration Figure 3 — Changing unit ID Figure 4 - To uch sensitive graphical display Figure 5 - Cont roller Figure 6 — Grap hical user interfac e user interfac e Figure 7 - M ain Menu Figure 8 - Unit general status Figure 9 - Ro om demand ico ns Figure Grap hical sensors represent ation Figure 11 - Graph desc ription Figure 12 - Pressure graph Figure 13 — Alarm History Figure 14 — Password p rompt Figure 15 - Entering a password Figure 16 - Setup menu Figure 17 - Setup M enu Tree Figure 18 - Room temperat ure setpo ints Figure 19 - Room humidity set points Figure 20 - Clock setup Figure 21 - Component run time meters Figure 22 - Building management system Figure 23 - Communication prot ocol Figure 25 - Remove plastic c over Figure Cut out window Figure 27 - Installing plu gin card Figure 28 - Replacing windows cover Figure 29 - PCOWeb Figure 30 - Window cover Figure 32 - Installing pla stic cover Figure 33 - Alarm configuration Figure 34 - Alarm delays Figure 35 -Alarm sw itch over Figure 36 - Network Setu p Figure 37 - Network Assist Figure 38 - Facto ry Set ting Figure 39 - Digital input co nfiguration Page 7 of Figure 40 - Digital output configuration Figure 41 - Analog input c onfiguration Figure 42 - Analog output configuration Figure 43 - Changing default password Figure 44 - Facto ry reset Page 8 of The pro gram is retained in a fla sh based memory and configuration.

The co ntroller. Connection between the terminal unit and main board is necessary. T he co ntroller is linked to a graphic. In general, th e cont roller is operated as follows. D uring t he. Upo n critical failure s, t he complete system will shut down with. For cert ain compo nent failures, the applicable feature is disabled to insure safe. For example, when compressor failure occurs, t he failed compressor shall be. The system will not use that function until.

Page 9 of T he con troll er also keep s th e history o f last alarms after. Maximum 16 units can be. Eac h controller is self independent.

When used on p -LAN. Network, each unit must have same software revision and set to maintain same set p oints and. Th e unit U01 must be set for the total units o n the network. U 16 are define as.

The Master always starts first to maintain the temperatu re and humidity set points. Slave is kept on standb y as long as t he Master is able to ac hieve the set points within the dead. When the M aster fails to do so, it calls in the Slave t o assist. Then both units wil l be. The Slave drop s out when set points are achieved. When t he Master fails by any of. Master is recovered. When the syst em is reset and restarted, the M aster comes in first and.

The un its can be set to cycle to achieve equal run t ime on each unit. At th e end of each cyc le, the. Slave becomes t he Master during the next cycle.

During eac h cyc le, the units o perate accord i ng. Summary of E quipment. The primary syst em shall be Chilled Water Cool ing. Dir ect Expansion Cooling shall be set up as a.

Both syst ems are designed to work independent o f each. The Chilled Wat er System comes standard with a three 3 way water modulating valve, c oil, and. The DX system is equipped with a DX coil, c ompressor s , an d. Opt ional heaters and humidi f iers are also ava ilable if needed.

The auxiliary chilled water c oil is custom sized so that it. Page 10 of Cooling-Chill ed Water. For opt imum performance, t he. The st andard practice is to sense t he Chilled Water flow for. When No water. If chilled water supp ly temperature is se lected for switch over, than the unit shall co ntinue with. Cooling-Direct Expansion. Direct Expansion Cooling is designed t o operat e when the water flow switch senses that th ere is.


Carel PCO3 User Manual

All the boards feature a byte microprocessor, and consequently the calculation power and operation processing speed have been significantly increased. As for all the pCO series controllers, pCO3 comes in a plastic case that ensures a high index of protection and reduces the risk of electrostatic discharges due to incorrect handling. In addition, assembly is simplified by the DIN rail mounting system, allowing significant saving in wiring and assembly times. Given the increasing demand for integration, pCO3 can interface with many of the most commonly-used serial communication standards, and, using optional cards, can be integrated into the most widespread BMS systems. Everything Products Documents Information.


pCO3 (I/O board)



Carel pCO3 series Manuals


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