Download PDF Read online. Here they arethe series explaining the spiritual world from a Christian perspective. In this series Harold R. Eberle deals with issues such as: - What exists in the spiritual world - Discerning things in the spirit - Out-of-the-body experiences - Angelic and demonic visitations - The Christian perspective of holistic medicine - Spiritual impartations and influences between people -Understanding supernatural phenomena from a Biblical perspective. Harold R.

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Embed Size px x x x x The regulator parameters canbe optimally adjusted to the dynamic time behaviour of the. Parallel connection of transformersAll regulators are able to control several transformers connec-. The average recording time for voltages. The stored values can be displayed with a time and date via. The function is activated by feeding each regulator with a.

See Full Reader. View Download 0 Category Documents. This function allows the operator to call up information about the hot-spottemperature and the lifetime consumption of the transformer at any time. If required, the regulator can even activate up to six cooling levels. The oil temperature can either be recorded directly PT or via a mA input.

Apart from its basic function, every REG-DA voltage regu- lator can be used as a measurement transducer, recorder, statistical unit, paragramer and transformer monitor all at the same time. All important network measurement quantities are displayed in measurement transducer mode.

The trends in the voltage that is to be regulated over time and a second, se- lectable, measurement quantity are shown in recorder mode. The statistical unit for the tap-change position offers a clear presentation of all switching operations of the tap changer. The paragramer provides a complete busbar simulation. Interconnection of multiple voltage regulators on a network enables the mutual exchange of data between regulators over long distances.

Various communications methods can be used to transfer data. This allows monitoring of multiple transformers from a centralised control centre. Parallel connection of seve- ral transfomers can be very easily implemented this way.

Application-specific tasks can be implemented via freely programmable inputs and outputs. Measuring functions U, I, P, Q, S, cos , , I sin , f Recorder functions 2-channel chart recorder Statistics function records total number of switching operations, switching operations per tap Event recorder log book Transformer monitoring functions incl. The regulator parameters canbe optimally adjusted to the dynamic time behaviour of the network voltage, which allows for a high control quality at a low number of switching operations.

Parallel connection of transformersAll regulators are able to control several transformers connec- ted in parallel to one busbar without any additional devices. Every regulator constantly indicates which reactive current I sin is being used. Various processes are available to control the transformers, and they are listed in Table 1 according to those that operatein parallel on a busbar and those that are simply freely swit- ched in parallel. An essential factor in this context is that no additional com- ponents are required as all function units required for parallel operation are accommodated within the regulators.

Table 1 Parallel operation of transformers Measurement transducer modeThe values of all relevant variables of an equally or arbitrarily loaded three-conductor three-phase supply network are calcu-lated and displayed on the basis of the sampling values.

In addition, a selection of up to seven measurement values can be output as a DC signal via the analogue outputs. Recorder modeThe change in the voltage over time and a second selectable measurement quantity are continuously shown on the display in the form of a line chart. The time grid for the recording is adjustable.

The present tap position is recorded in addition to the measurement values. Therefore it is possible to review the voltage and the corresponding tap position at any timeduring the recording. The average recording time for voltages and tap changes is approximately six weeks. The stored values can be displayed with a time and date via the keyboard or the WinREG operating software. Furthermore, measurement values which are transferred to the regulator as mA signals from external sources can be displayed.

A differentiation is made between switching operations under load and switching operationswithout load. The function is activated by feeding each regulator with a complete busbar replica position of circuit breakers, discon- nectors, bus ties and bus couplings. Based on the switching states of all regulators involved in the parallel connection, the system autonomously detectswhich transformer is to work with which other transformer s in parallel connection on a busbar.

Busbars that are connected via bus coupling s are treated as one single busbar by the system. Transformer monitoring mode TMMIn the monitoring mode, the basic parameters of the transfor- mer are monitored. The oil temperature can also be recorded in addition to the tap changer statistics. Fans can be set to one of six levels and an oil pump can be used to regulate the temperature.

Furthermore, the oil levels can be monitored and the operating hours of the fans and the pumps can be counted. The regulator is equipped with a mA input as standard. The temperature c. Andreas Eberle Technology. REG DA d -? KG does not assume responsibility for any damages and… Documents.

Eberle Hald News Technology. MoF dt. KG, Landau Services. Hans Eberle, Friedrich Ritzer Excrementum caninum caninum Jonas Eberle 25th March Automatization of information extraction to build up a crowd-sourced reference database for vegetation changes Jonas Eberle, Documents.


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Transparency in management, agility, flexibility and experience of numerous projects in Latin America, position us as one of the best companies in the field. The implementation of new technologies and organizational improvement in our projects and services, contribute today to a better development of the country's electricity sector. Committed to the quality of our service, the safety of people, respect for the environment and the development of continuous improvement. Over the decades it became the leader of the Brazilian market and in the 80s began its internationalization especially in Latin America, reaching more than 30 countries in the 90s. After repeated changes of owners and shareholders in , production with that name was discontinued due to marketing reasons.


Catalogos de Motores Electricos Eberle - Delcrosa



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