They made a lot of incredible quality models for the time. THen they sold them to viewpoint. Nothing stolen, eh!! I think you can download a mercedes bentz s from their collection for free somewhere in the internet. I have delt with them with no problem. Depends on what side of the world you live on and what language you speak.

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Vue F. Top of Forum Print. I recently came across this package of models, some of you might know it. It's called De Espona Model Library, which would be awesome to have. One of the better known examples of false advertising. Most of the models in the package are very crude, look nothing like the pictures shown in the packaging and advertising. You better check the available formats in there. I have something in mind that it is for 3D Studio Max - and when it is in. Quote - One of the better known examples of false advertising.

I only paid If you check at vanishingpoint. Are there multiple old de espona versions? I mean the guys from Espona should re-do them every 2nd year I think. Are there just old versions or?

XPleet, Taschen is not the package that you can buy at De Espona. If you wish to use these models in other platform you need to translate the models previously to your application. Some maps and textures can need to be reapplied after conversion. Pls contact www. Many of our models are available individually at WWW. Pls try to use "order individual model" option to access the list of available formats for each model. So be careful - max is a VERY closed format and you'll need the software to be able to read it.

How it then converts to other formats like 3DS or obj nobody really knows. THEY talk about. They say that some of the models you can buy at Vanishing Point in other formats - as 3DS, vue etc. SO it is obvious that 3DS is not the source format here. Espona has allways had trouble getting them correctly exported out of Max. He's hired several companies to try to do it, including the folks over at Poser Works.

They are really a mixed bag. Some are quite good A lot of mirrored geometry problems. A lot of texture mapping issues. The Taschen package obviously offers models in low polygon format! Are the textures also defined in high, middle, low formats? The Taschen ones are a mixed bag as well - some good - some not so good. Here is that same ship from the CD's I have taschen. Poly count around As you can tell the version I have is pretty hideous.

Not even comparable really. Quote - Here is that same ship from the CD's I have taschen. I'm just totally confused now, I just googled this, and get pirated links everywhere, totally overtoning actual links to the products.

I have used some sample objects from this collection in some images. The ones I got were quite good, but also very complex with lots of different objects and materials. I had to simplify this ship model a lot in order to be able to export it in. And the. Most, but not all of the models, do come in 3 levels of detail. High resolution for close-up detail.

Medium resolution for everything else. Mind you, these resolutions were determined back when the available RAM on most computers was usually less than megs. The texture resolutions are not very important as they are mostly small seamless supposedly tiles. In their gallery, by the way, they were cheating on some of the ship models, that actually don't come with sails Here is a freebie site - Russian - but just click on the links.

Tons of free models. Some good - some bad. Most in. The price is right, LOL! Great WareZ page. A lot of stuff stolen from other sites cars for example from DMI I would say, a lot from those Taschen models too.

Xpleet, it kinda sounds like you are wanting this package of models to be OK into wish fulfillment , but it really isn't. Nobody knows why this big model collection was marketed this way, but this was back in the days of MAX Version 3.

Others were partly OK, maybe go0d for one scene from one angle, but flaws in the model from other sides. Others, had many other kinds of flaws. Almost as if somebody tried to clean them up before packaging, but only alloted 20 minutes per model. So, if it couldn't be cleaned up in time, it went in just "as is. Anyhow, there are maybe good models at a decent resolution in the package, and that's all. DeEspona is active again this year, and he is slowly cleaning up his collection.

The "good" versions are slowly coming onto the market over at TurboSquid, as well as elsewhere. But check the submission date before buying! Over the years, almost every beginning modeller has tried to take these things and fix them. For many people with no real modelling skills, but access to a 3d modelling package, that has seemed the path of least resistance. Even today, every day, someone takes a DeEspona model, changes the textures or fixes up a part, and then tries to sell it on TurboSquid as their own original product.

Drives the site managers nuts. Millions of man-hours wasted on this thing over the years. And the most widely pirated set of models in existence.

But, you are better off saving your money to spend on a good model that you really want for a purpose that you have clearly in mind at the time. Otherwise you are going to buy a junk collection of stuff that is just going to mostly sit on your hard drive until the day it wears out. Better to spend your time searching the web for freebies - there are thousands and thousands of outstanding models out there for free. Just takes some search time, and some good bookmarking.

And save your money for the real stuff. And, if you can't find the real stuff that you need, ask a modeller to build it for you, or ask if someone knows where a good free version might lie. VanishingPoint convert the DeEspona objects step by step to Vue! This converts are excellent. So my suggestion is, pick up the models you need and save some money.

They both have identical models on both sites. The models on De Espona are not the same as the models from Taschen. The Taschen models are only the low polygon models. The collection on De Espona is not models, it is models, roughly, in four different resolutions. The final models we release bear very little resemblance to the original model in some cases.

Remember, this collection was modelled ten years ago, so it is, for it's time, an awesome collection, but you cannot expect ten year old models to compete with products being made in modern programs and newer versions. If there are any particular models you need, we will move those up on our list of conversions, but at this point the models we have requests for is standing at about 50, so don't expect your conversion to be done tommorow, lol, it takes us between 2 to 9 days to convert and fix each model, so we are going to be busy for quite a while on this collection.

For this model we added the engine, re-modelled and retextured, rigged, added extra features like the flags, and to get the model to move like this we had to alter the mesh quite significantly, so that we could get the windows and things to work. You can get the De Espona set, it is not bad for the price, but like people have said above, some models don't export well, and with many of them there are problems with inverted polygons, texture settings, scale, etc.

It really depends on how much work you want to do, and how many of the models you will be using. For example, the set is dollars. But if you are only going to use 20 or 30, then it is cheaper and easier to buy the models that someone else has already done the work on of fixing, scaling, texturing, rigging, etc.

It is basically a question of how many models you will be using from the set, and how much time you have, and how much work you want to do. I have been working on this set on and off for a year or so, and I have only done about 20 models. Quote - You can get the De Espona set, it is not bad for the price, but like people have said above, some models don't export well, and with many of them there are problems with inverted polygons, texture settings, scale, etc.

Actually my decision is not depending on the count I'd use as many I'd have fun with lol but rather how easy it is to convert it from max to 3ds. Friend of mine has max on his pc and if it is just a matter of let's say 10 mins - ok - But who's talking about about days???


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