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Thermal power min. If mains supply is V 50 Hz threephase withuot neutral, change position of connectors on burner as in fig.

Protect burner supply line with safety fuses and any other devices required by safety standards obtaining in the country in question. Also verify that the chimney is not obstructed. Open the gas cock and carefully bleed the piping through the pressure gauge connector, then check the pressure value trough a suitable gauge.

Power on the system and adjust the thermostats to the desired temperature. When thermostats close, the sealing control device runs a seal test of valves; at the end of the test the burner will be enabled to run the start-up sequence.

Air bleed the pipe through the pressure gauge fixing point and check the pressure with a pressure gauge. Turn the thermostats to the desired temperature. If all these conditions are present, start the burner.

The control device starts the motor to carry out prewashing of the combustion chamber. During this prewash period about 30 seconds the device checks that air pressure is correct via the air pressure switch. At the end, it supplies power to the transformer and opens the gas valves. The flame must be lit and stabilize within 3 seconds, which is the device's safety time limit. Check to ensure the flame is lit before placing any control instrument in the flue. Adjust and check the gas flow necessary for the boiler at the meter.

Adjust the air flow according to the gas flow to obtain correct combustion. The combustion and thermal capacity adjustment is done simultaneously, together with the analysis of the products of combustion, making sure that the measured values are suitable and that they comply with current safety standards.

On this matter, please refer to the table and figure below. At the end of prepurging, the ignition tran- sformer cuts-in and generates a spark between the electrodes. At the same time the two gas valves open Vs safety valve Normal operative cycle ignition and Vl Low flame t2 t3 t4 working valve.

In case of gas lack or a major pressure drop, the minimum air pressure switch shuts down the burner. Description t1 pressure switch control time-out 9" t2 time-out for air pressure confirmation 3" t3 prewashing time 30" t4 safety time 3" t5 preignition time 3" t6 time-out to enable fuel 2nd valve 8" pag.

It is important to ensure certain conditions: The pressure of the gas must not exceed the established maximum pressure. To increase the pressure of the gas supply, tighten screw C; to reduce the pressure, loosen screw C. After making any adjustments, put the cap back in place. Remove the obstruction from the air intake, screw on the cover C and start the burner by pressing the control box rearm button. Note: The pressure measured at pressure port E must be within the limits of the pressure switch working range.

If not, loose the locking nut of screw F and gradually turn the same: clockwise to reduce the pressure; counterclockwise to increase. At the end tighten the locking nut. The cams are to be adjusted through the suitable key provided for. To adjust gas setting in high fire position operate on gas valve as specified at page 7. To adjust gas setting in Low fire position loosen srew "A", rotate rod "B" in order to achieve the desired flow rate and lock again screw "A". Remember to check again burner combustion in high fire.

A B pag. To reduce output, turn knob clockwise, to increase it turn knob counterclockwise. Tighten the screw R. For fast opening adjustment, remove the cap T and insert it in the pin Q with its groove up. To reduce firing output screw it up, to increase, unscrew it. Adjust the screw E with a screwdriver.

To reduce output turn counter clockwise, to increase it turn clockwise. Tighten the nut F. The adjustments must be carried out by qualified and skilled technicians authorised by Ecoflam S. Check that gas pipe pressure is not 65 higher than the maximum one specified for the governor, then operate 8 through a screw driver fitted into the suitable seat as shown in the figure. Adjustments must be made with the burner running, in function of the working pressure and needs of each installation. Between the minimum and maximum outlet pressure there are approx.

The governor is adjusted to an intermediate position during the tests. At the end tighten screw R. To the right screwing to reduce flow rate; to the left unscrewing to increase. High flame: loosen screw R and turn regulator P. To adjust the fast opening's hydraulic brake, unscrew cover T and through its upper side turn pin Q.

Screw to reduce the opening speed; unscrew to increase. Screw cover T after regulation. When test pressure is reached the device remains in stand-by for about 25 seconds. At the end of the test the yellow pilot light on the control device lights up and the burner is enabled to carry out the start-up cycle.

If the seal on one of the valves is faulty and this causes a drop in test pressure, the device puts the system into the safety condition and the red pilot right on the device lights up. The flame control device starts the burner fan to carry out prewashing of the combustion chamber,checking fan air pressure via the air pressure switch. If the flame does not ignite or goes out, total safety is ensured by an ionization detection probe.

The safety time Proceed with the calculation using the following formula: limit in the event of no flame is less than 2 seconds at start-up and less than 1 during operation. When used with minimum outputs the firing head is adjusted in rear position. With high output, the firing head is adjusted in forward position. Adjustment: - Loosen screw A through a suitable Allen key. A Landis. When the measurement of the current is required it is necessary to disconnect the lead to the probe and insert in its place a microammeter for direct current see fig.

Before carrying out maintenance inspection on the burner, it is advisable to check its general condition and carry out the following operations: - Disconnect the burner from the power supply remove the plug. If all these conditions are present, start the burner by pressing the release button. Check the burner cycle.

Ecoflam S.


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Compact pressure switch for multiple actuators. The pressure switches are suitable for switching a circuit on, off or over on changes in actual pressure relative to the set switching point reference value. The switching point can be set eas- ily and quickly using a setting wheel provided with a scale without using a pressure gauge. Suitable for gases of families 1,2,3 and other neutral gaseous media.


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