First is The Rhythmic Guide, a breakdown of rhythms that can be applied to any given subdivision in any meter. Rhythms are run down the Five Steps and demonstrated in a variety of styles Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz and World Beat grooves on drum set and hand drums followed by interactive attendee participation from their seats. All levels of attendees are able to participate in this process and increase their rhythmic awareness and vocabulary. This clinic is geared towards schools, universities, music stores and music camps. Curriculum is provided to each attendee.

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Getting to work with people that helped shape you as a musician is always a special treat. I had an absolute blast recording percussion with Ed Roscetti and Maria Martinez. Many moons ago I studied with both of them at Musicians Institute. Ed taught me how to play a true shuffle we spent 3 weeks doing 1 single exercise until I could make it feel right!

These workshops are really cool and are totally interactive. Ed and Maria perform using drumset along with a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments, moving from one instrument to another in the ensemble exactly how they did it while we recorded. Instruments include drumset, djembe, doumbek, shaker, surdo, d-jun-d-jun, conga, batas, clay tones, mambo bell, shekere, klong yaw, tumbadora. Everyone there gets a chance at hands on learning.

For our day of recording I had the challenge of setting of a mic configuration that would allow Ed and Maria to go to any instrument at any time and still capture that sound well. Whether it was the drumset, djembe, shakers, congas, surdo or tambourine, they needed the freedom to create and I had to capture it. At the same time all the instruments had to be in frame since they were recording with only 1 camera.

After a pre-production call with Ed about how they wanted to stage the instruments in the room I came up with a plan that would hopefully give them freedom to move where they wanted and not miss a note. It worked out really well so I decided to shoot a little behind the scenes video of the setup. Ultimate Studios, Inc is a boutique production facility for artists and bands to collaborate, create, and record. At Ultimate Studios, Inc we understand that the recording process is just the beginning.

Charlie Watch behind the scenes footage from the session below. Sounds from the Studio.


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