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In The Manipulated Man , author Esther Vilar makes the case that women do little for the world and for society and mostly leech onto working men.

Since women cannot do anything on their own, says Esther Vilar, women learned how to manipulate men to provide for them. About the Author: Esther Vilar studied medicine at the University of Buenos Aires, and emigrated to West Germany in to continue her studies in psychology and sociology. She worked as a doctor for a year, and then had a string of jobs before making a name for herself as a critic of the feminism movement.

My Note: A mix of truths and unsubstantiated claims. Some of these statements were true, or partially true at the time Vilar wrote. Some of them are still true today, like men have little say on whether or not to have a child.

In my opinion, it would be equally possible to make a list of why women have it harder than men. At the end of the day, life is what you make it to be and what you focus on. So they give them the right to vote ugh! To this contradiction of sorts, Esther Vilar replies that women enslave men by leveraging their stupidity and looking child-like. Men are feel compelled to look after women because… Who would it otherwise? The second pillar of enslavement is society-conditioning.

Men simply grow up with the idea of having to take care of women and they never challenge it. And society then self-reinforce that idea. The pressure than keeps him there, working even in jobs and positions that he despises. The third pillar is indoctrination. Who takes care of children?

I agree that women have developed several tools for controlling men. But so have men, which is part of how the sexed engages in sexual conflict. However, I disagree with the idea that women always win, and by default.

Sometimes women are also victims, and manipulated, and not always the manipulators. For more, read on:. However, the exception is more appearance than reality, as the author proceeds to dismantle the idea of emancipation. Only beautiful women can be truly emancipated though because an ugly woman has no sexual market value , no leverage, and never really had any other option.

The emancipated female still takes advantage of the system though. Since there are so few women around, she stands out. And for when it was written, it was brave, courageous, and provided a much-needed counterweight to feminism.

Why would male journalists want to handicap themselves? If you do your own research you will realize that influencing people to take action that goes against their beliefs and interests is far from simple check The Social Animal for example. The author paints the choice of staying at home for the woman as only good for her and her selfish needs. And it never really considers that it might actually be good for everyone. However, in other passages, it is equally poor in basic psychology and human understanding.

She says women dress up for other women, not for men. Women do care, and care a lot, about what men think. As a matter of fact, we could probably say that what men think, for women, is a matter of procreation and non-procreation and, therefore, a matter of life and death.

The complete lack of scientific basis in The Manipulated Man surfaces in several factually wrong passages. But women are not capable of the unconditional love a child should have.

This can easily be proved. Women only care for their own children, never those of others. Without any emotion — love, hate, or malice — she is bound to the man who works for her. The assertion that women have no emotions or feelings is nonsense.

If that were the case, women would all be classified as psychopaths. The Manipulated Man never stops considering the transactional element of human social dynamics. While some other men are actually pimping it by giving women resources while banging them without any hustles. The gender roles and society described in The Manipulated Man are extremely simplistic and very black and white. And indeed the people who glorify this book are often part of their own cult.

All nuances are lost here. Reality is complex, exceptions abound, people have countless and sometimes even competing drives… Any black and white theory is almost bound to also be wrong in many aspects. Or even that they are, on average, more stupid than men.

However, it is a fact that men do are responsible for more scientific discoveries and groundbreaking new products. Many women indeed are eminently practical and, on average , less interested than men in philosophical theories, scientific pursuits and new discoveries. And some women are indeed content to settle for less and let their men do the work. That much is true. But not that women are stupid. There is no real difference in IQ between men and women. So far, overall, the trend has always been towards more advancement than setbacks.

On the other hand, it has, of course, managed to royally piss off feminist movements, with the author receiving a number of death threats -which is shameful-. If you speak German, this is a video interview of Esther Vilar with Alice Schwarzer, a famous feminist leader in Germany a nation where feminism is huge. These are some of the most shocking, entertaining, eye-opening or utterly nonsensical quotes I have found in the book I let you pick which is which :.

Apart from a wedding ring — worn to show that he is being used by a particular woman for a particular purpose — a proper man wears no ornaments. I want to do something else! What is a woman? A woman, as we have already said, is, in contrast to a man, a human being who does not work. Women do not use their mental capacity: they deliberately let it disintegrate. Theoretically it is possible for a beautiful woman to have less intelligence than a chimpanzee and still be considered an acceptable member of society.

By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work.

In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vagina at certain given intervals. A woman takes interest only in subjects that have an immediate personal usefulness to her. For example, if she reads a political article in the newspaper, it is highly likely that she wants to cast a spell on some political-science student, not that she cares about the fate of the Chinese, Israelis, or South Africans.

If one wishes to have an unusual culinary treat, generally one will not find it at home but at a restaurant, where, of course, the chef is male LOL. Women just sit back getting lazier, dumber and more demanding — and, at the same time, richer. Women live an animal existence. They like eating, drinking, sleeping — even sex, providing there is nothing to do and no real effort is required of them.

Unfortunately, this famous feminine instinct is really nothing but a euphemism for statistical probability. Women interfere and give opinions about everything.. According to the law of averages, their forecasts will be correct now and again. If a woman leaves the university with an engagement ring on her finger, she has earned her degree.

For example:. The Manipulated Man says that men are in a certain line of work because of female manipulation. Doctors are one such example.

I quote:. The fear of being rejected by society must be considerable. Why else will a doctor spend his life opening up nauseating growths, examining and pronouncing on human excretions?

Why else does he busy himself night and day with people of such repulsiveness that everyone else is driven away? I found that description very nasty. What if a doctor took pride in helping people? Can Be Eye-Opening For men who have been buying too hard into the idea of having to provide for women, this book can be an eye-opener. If they can move past their normal, knee-jerk push back, that is.

Some examples:. And it can be eye-opening and useful to some men, helping them break free of relationships where they act as servants more than partners. Even to men who have not been running around for women, it could still further open their eyes on some intra-sex dynamics. Nice Guy , in that sense. From a mindset point of view, by painting a world where women have it easy and men not, Esther Vilar provides an easy valve for men who want to complain. Complaining might be simply a bad mindset of learned helplessness, or actual misogyny.

Scientifically speaking, The Manipulated Man is farcical. And it also fails in its understanding of basics facts of human psychology, including evolutionary psychology , and the true dynamics of the sexual market place. It would be too long to explain here the power dynamics of the sexual market place , but, in many areas, Esther Vila simply spreads misinformation.


The perils of human behavior

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The Manipulated Man

Men work, according to Vilar, while women consume. Men think; women languish. Men have a conscience. Women have none.

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