Jaya Suprana was born in Denpasar , Bali as a Chinese descendant , but grew up within Javanese culture. He also presents his own national weekly talkshow called the Jaya Suprana Show. He also established the Indonesian Museum of Records MURI , Rotary-Suprana Orphanage, Centre for Kelirumologi Study, and together with Aylawati Sarwono founded the Jaya Suprana School of Performing Arts which has performed wayang orang at the Sydney Opera House and Unesco Paris also recital master class series with young Indonesian talented musician on international stages and in organised the Indonesia Pusaka International Piano Competition with participants from 12 countries and the gala concert at the presidential palace in Bogor attended by the president and first lady of Republic Indonesia. Suprana received a PhD degree in philosophy and social sciences from the unaccredited Pacific Western University. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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After that situation, the client left Gehry, and Gehry was terrified for his future, how he would pay his staff without his client. He had difficulty to explain his ideals to the clients, and the clients did not value his design approach. It turned out that Gehry was okay, and the client was okay. Gehry finaly built, Bilbao, and finaly he designed Louis Vuitton Foundation.

The client was even more successful, it was happy ending story. One time, one man who was the coordinator said it in my first meeting with him. At that time, I was wondering why did he said that, did he know the design intent from the beginning? I was angry and argued, that the building is sustainable, and we have got the design approach right from the beginning. I was angry and sounded quite hard, because of the judgement from him without further analysis.

I think this is always happened, to get the judgement by its cover. I felt sorry because I kind of angry and the situation was not to comfortable for both of us. Louis Kahn contemplated a romantic picture when he designed the Salk Insitute in California. But as Arthur Danto has observed that no bodey was ever there nobode but architectural touris. Kahn was almost hopeless in his romanticicsm, hoped people would rist the the architecture but rarely did or do. Ironically in architecture without architects, Rudofsky discussed that architecture is not made or designed by individuals or groups intentionally to produce meaning.

It happens in Parc de la villete in Paris that the meaning is understandable only if people, through text and narrative know how is understandable by public. This is our home work to explain our idea to the other people other than architect. After that the narrative will come alive as what it was designed. If we have enough experience, the allegory will be decreased if we are more sensitive,of maybe even increased if we lack of information, and disrespect to the other.

I just remember piece by Jaya Suprana played by Priscilla Yosephanie. The title of the piece is Fragmen. Your message. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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