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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Mitsubishi FR-SF spindle drive manual. Zeynel Ulusoy. The orientation stop position deviates. Although an alarm appears, after turning on and off the power or resetting the equipment, the equipment normally works.

Checking and replacing parts Spindle orientation control circuit. Adjusting synchronous tap Troubleshooting If any trouble occurs, before checking the cause, make sure to read and follow the contents of Table 1. After checking that the power indica- tion lamp LED 10 SF-CA card puts off, conduct the main- 1 tenance and inspection work waiting for 3 minutes or more.

Regardless of whether the power supply is grounded or not, since each component of the equipment may be exposed to a high voltage, carefully select and use test apparatus. When installing any test apparatus on a portion to be tested, take care not to touch any portion being grounded.

Generally, when conducting a test, do not ground the case of any test apparatus. Otherwise, the equipment may be damaged. Next, thoroughly check the contents of Table 1. They will help you contact with Service Department of Mitsubishi Electric. In addition, check old alarms in the alarm mode of the indication lamp see Appendix 8.

At which of phase R, S, and T a fuse is blown? Control circuit input fuse Does the trouble or fault repeatedly occur? Is the ambient temperature and temperature in the panel normal? During what situation does the trouble or fault occur? During acceleration, deceleration, or constant speed? At what speed it occurs? Does the trouble or fault differ between the forward rotation and reverse rotation? Is there an instantaneous power failure? Does the trouble or fault occur when a special opera- tion or instruction is executed?

Whether a load is applied or removed? Is a suspicious part replaced with a new one or a 11 temporary repair conducted against the trouble or fault? Does it vary remarkably depending on the time zone? By referencing the trouble classification shown in Table 1.

The equipment does not work in occasions. The orientation stop position deviates from 3 the specific position.

Although an alarm 1. When the power is turned on, the display of the operation panel does not appear at all. When the power is turned on, the display on the operation panel does not indicate rota- 2 tions in the status display mode as shown in 1. The motor vibrates with a large noise during 1.

Bus linkage with NC. There are three types of warnings as listed in the table. Whether to open the trouble signal contact FA-FC can be selected with a parameter. Motion C - Only the alarm lamp lights, but the operation continues. Note 2 An example of the display is as follows. Note 1 If a multiple of parameters is defective, check and correct the parameters in accordance with the parameter error Nos.

It represents 0 when no position loop is formed. The unit is in pulses. When no position loop is formed, the position droop is 0. RPM Represents the real motor speed. Motor speed The unit is in rpm. Represents a ratio of load against the rating output. The unit is 8. However, the last alarm is Spindle alarm the smallest number alarm which differs from this time alarm. For details of the contents of alarms, see 1.

Represents an input command to be issued to the spindle amplifier corresponding to bits. The external wiring Visually check the external wir- is incorrect or broken ing. BIt takes 1 set or more until tht command of the forward rotation signal, reverse rotation signal or orientation signal is received after the ready ON state. BWhen the forward rotation signa or reverse rotation signal is inputted when the speed refere- nce is 0, the motor becomes the DC exciting State. BUnless the forward rotation signal, reverse rotation signal or orientation signal is input- ted the motor is in the free run state where the base shut-off takes place.

The switch and setting Check the set positions of the o Correctly set the switches switches and setting pins by and setting pins. Continued on the next page. The motor speed cannot D Check that the phase sequence of. The motor does not 1 Check and readjust the spindle orientation control circuyt by correctly rotate only referencing Chapter 7.

The alarm disply Check the cause and take the proper remedy by referencing 10 of the amplifier Section 1. Section 1. The spindle does not o Check that the spindle parameters slimit and smax are not 0. Alternatively, the NF Appendix 5. See Section 2. CBl is tripped. The power voltage is 0 Check the power voltage using 0 Adjust the related control out of the range. An input signal from 0 Check each bit of the 0 Check the input signal where the sequencer is abnor- external signals 1 and 2 in bits are abnormal so that mal.

For example, the bits of ready ON, forward rotation, and reverse rotation signals. See Section 1. The input signal from 0 Check each bit of a control 0 Conduct the same counter- the NC is abnormal.

The signal from the 0 Set the parameter of the 0 Adjust the related control encoder which contains amplifier as follows. Note The parameter 00 is valid just after 1 is set. Since the parameter 00 is cleared when the power is turned off or the equipment is reset, after setting 1, immediately input the speed reference and start command.

The orien- tation stop position deviates. Alarm No. The machine is over- 0 Rotate the motor at a slow o Remove the cause of the load loaded instantaneously speed and check that the change.

The equipment malfunc- o Check the voltage waveform o Place a serge killer near tions with a too large of the amplifier input pins the noise source. The equipment malfunc- D Check the signal waveforms o Correctly connect the ground tions by noise which at check pins CHCH9 or wires of the power supply, enters a signal from AGA for phase A signal and amplifier, and motor.

B signal using an OscillO- o Correctly connect the shield 4 scope. See Appendix 6 4. See Appendix 6 l are not placed in the OFF position. See Appendix 6t D Check the connections by referencing Appendixes l-6 to l Especially, check that a termination resistor is connected to the connector CNlB. All the positions of the 0 Even after the power of the o Correctly set the positions dip switches SW to NC is turned on, the display of the dip switches SWS-1 to SW on the printed on the operation panel is as sw See Appendix 6 l.

SF-TL card is defec- play on the operation panel tive. An alarm occurs. The transmission of o Even after the power of the o Check that the rotary switch parameters is required. The equipment waits for o Even after the power of the D The amplifier of the servo the IT start of the NC is turned on, the display motor does not correctly 9 servo amplifier. Check an alarm of follows. As an example: Spindle alarm 15 32 The contents of the alarm which appears on the spindle amplifier are the same as those which appear on the NC CRT.

The contents of alarms are listed in the following table. The details of each alarm are described in the following.



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Mitsubishi Freqrol-SF Spindle Drives

Other drive types offered besides standard would be high-speed, wide range constant output, small capacity, and positioning drives. The FR-SF series offers a range of new features that make it effective to use within a system compared to older units. Some features include Oriented spindle stop function, Accurate response to load , Accurate load meter , and high-speed tapping. FR-SF unit offers ease of use when it comes to parameters as they can be set by using switches on the unit itself, or on the numeric control display. When it comes down to FR-SF series spindle drives, there are a couple of alarms that are more common than others. The two most common alarms are Over-Current code 32 and Parameter Error code Both will be shown on the segment display.


FR-SF-2-45K Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive 45kW 200VAC FREQROL FR-SF Repair and Exchange service



Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive FREQROL-SF Maintenance Manual


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