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Complete control. Beyond offering a cost-efficient approach that leverages Authentic Mercury hardware, the Synergis system allows you to benefit from an open approach to access control where proprietary hardware is a thing of the past, giving you more options in the years ahead. Mercury panels are plug-and-play compatible with existing GE enclosures, simplifying the hardware migration process by allowing for a one-for-one board replacement. M5-based migrations save you both time and effort by reusing the existing enclosures, wiring, power, and readers in place. Choose the Synergis system and the Mercury M5 Bridge and keep your existing enclosures, wiring, cards and readers. This dramatically reduces your migration costs when compared to a full overhaul or retrofit of your security system that would require changing out your door control modules, readers, and wiring.

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Use this product only for the purpose it was designed for; refer to the data sheet and user. For proper recycling, return. For more information see:. Conventions used in this document. Safety terms and symbols. Chapter 1. Product overview. Enclosure specifications. CPU specifications. Chapter 2. Installation planning and mounting. Getting started roadmap. Radio interference. Electrostatic Discharge ESD precaution. General installation rules. Observing noise prevention procedures.

Signal transmission. Cable routing. Cable length. Mounting and handling guidelines. Mounting instructions. Chapter 3. Power setup. Connecting the AC input power to the M Installing the battery backup, AC fail, and low battery. Serial communications setup. DIP switch settings. Connector pinouts. Host computer wiring.

Controller wiring. Shield wire grounding. Wiring the auxiliary port. Chapter 4. Board layout. Pins and jumpers. General purpose pins. Modem control jumper - J Downstream configuration jumper - J9. Inserting and removing the PXNplus board. Inserting the PXNplus board. Removing the PXNplus board. LED indicators.

Important information for firewall users. Configuring upstream communications with the host. By network. By network with fallback dial-up. By direct-connect. By dial-up. Configuring downstream communications. Chapter 5. Reader processing boards.

Device addressing. Setting DIP switches. Setting reader voltage. Installing resistor packs. Wiring readers. Wiring digital inputs. Wiring door strikes.

Wiring auxiliary DO relays. Wiring alarm shunt relays. Special readers with single color LEDs. Wiring DIs. Powering two 8 RP boards. Chapter 6. Optional DI and DO boards. Wiring digital output devices.

Chapter 7. Testing before powering up. Chapter 8. Controller firmware tools. Using the Integrated Configuration Tool. Initial configuration. Connecting and starting the tool. Controller setup overview. Controller Parameters menu. Administration menu. Logging menu. Configuration checklist for Integrated Configuration Tool. Picture Perfect.

Chapter 9. Regulatory information. UL compliance. CE regulatory notice. Chapter Troubleshooting, maintenance, and support. Troubleshooting your M Power problems. Communications problems. Reader problems. Door strike problems. Diagnostic LED display. M backup battery replacement. Contacting technical support. Figure 1. M controller and components assembly drawing - wall mounting Figure 2.

Figure 3. Figure 4. Earth Ground Connection


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