We started this website because there is a lot of interest in natural farming coming from both small hobbyists and larger industrial scale farmers and gardeners. The appeal of sustainable agriculture like organic and natural farming is broad. But at the end of the day, it goes far beyond that. It enhances and protects the environment from degradation, whereas traditional agriculture tends to be a major culprit of this phenomenon. When we start to see this environmental or ecological issue, we go beyond the sustainable food system of creating safe food, to a food system which will provide life. We have a passion for the philosophies behind natural agriculture; appreciating the power and significance of nature and applying those lessons to our environment.

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He extensively lectures on b eneficial indigenous microorganisms both in the Philippines and the United States. He brings the technology of using indigenous microorganisms as another tool for farming sustainably. People who have attended his seminars say that Gil is an extremely engaging, fun, and empowering teacher.

We were able to witness this when we met up with him in Salcedo Market few weeks ago. He was just unstoppable and it was almost impossible not to get inspired by this simple man to start farming, with or without hectares of farm land. The supposedly casual minute chat lasted for about an hour that we almost forgot to buy his vegetable produce for our weekly consumption. After securing our basketful of organic vegetables, we bid him goodbye.

There was a commotion few minutes after we left his booth. Gil, as always, enjoyed explaining to Sharon the uses, benefits ad taste of each herb, vegetable and fruit she picked from the table. Plan to have an organic vegetable garden in my side yard. The literature out there can be utterly confusing to a newbie like me. Thank you. Yes, Mr. Carandang is one of the best mentor I ever had in organic farming and organic certification! That was the first time I heard him talk, and yes, he really spoke from experience, spontanoeus and educational.

He was our group of organic inspectors organized by NISARD trainer when we had on the job training in organic certification. Gardening is my passion. I started gardeing since I was 6 years old.

Now, I am thinking of early retirement at 55 and I want to go back to gardening. After reading the write up about Mr. Carandang, more so I become very interested in gardening and this time, organic gardening. Hope I could join in one of the events of pinoy organics.

Kudos to the organizer of pinoy organics. Hi, Due to good friday on april april 22,are the weekend markets open this april 23 and 24,?

I attended his seminar last July 25, He was very awesome even at this young age 11 i learned a lot. Thanks to Mr. Gil Carandang I am wanting to take organic farming as my daily lifestyle. Any information about seminars schedule this April ? Pls let me know I want to register. Gil Carandang, if he has seminars for organic farming? I would like to know if you will be having a seminar about organic gardening. I am interested to attend.

Hi Tisha. Check out our events page for the schedule. Check out our events page where we will post all learning events about organics. Hi, I am interested in organic farming, is there any seminars I can attend n persons to talk to? Will appreciate any help Thanks Daisy. I just want to know where we could we get in touch with Mr. Gil Carandang or where and when is the next seminar on organic farming.

I am one of his trainee, he is a good mentor, i learned a lot about organic farming. There are several workshops and trainings. Regularly check our calendar of events. Please let us know when you could give a seminar in bacolod city. We would like to practice organic farming too, especially how to start one.

I am conducting a 3-day seminar at the Herbana Farms km. Burol, Calamba City this Aug. My cell: rsvp. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Thursday, June 4, News Feed Comments. Choose Organic. April 25, at am. June 18, at pm.

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January 22, at pm. September 8, at am. Speak Your Mind Tell us what you're thinking Click here to cancel reply. Never miss an event or article.


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