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I'd like to assert for the record, that in my view, any person who has a beef with its effectiveness is clearly demonstrating a LACK of field experience. The Gunwitch method is basically taking it back to nature!

It's true! So what's original, then, about Gunwitch's stuff? That is its most important contribution. Trust me. And that sarge, for people who don't remember, required me only to go into a sexual state to the point where I was visibly hard to her in fact! Beef 2 Gunwitch really tears down alot of our most valued PU tactics. Spirit has used NLP.

So how can Gunwitch be right, then? Well the thing is, that many of our tricks are designed for use on GROUPS - to attain perceived alpha-status through social proof, which comes from entertaining the group using the gimmicks. Think about it. So, for one reading the Gunwitch text, and thinking "wtf is this?! It cannot help you lay chicks in a rush, hurrying down the street. It cannot help you lay certain chicks that.

The secret admirer show! He's scared its a gay guy from his work, but it could be the girl he likes! A chick is with her friends, you start entertaining them, and negging HER. She gets insecure, but her friends love you.

Can Gunwitch Method get you that? And SS. You've got the chick isolated, and she just ISN'T going into a sexual state. Next thing, you start describing "this and that feeling" with all these SPs, binder commands, and time manipulations..

BOOM, she feels the connection, and you're on your way. So what good is it then?! You walk up on a chick in the grocery store. Go into a sexual state..

So it DOES have applications. Through persistance 'make the ho say no' he's laid many HBs here at Queen's University with me. You'll be AMAZED at what chicks who don't even like you that much will do to please themselves, if they think they're friends will never know about it.

OK, now picture what would happen at that point if you started talking about Elvis' hair. Fucked up, right? It doesn't always work. For me, its more often than not, in fact. Does this make sense? I can elaborate further if necessary. This stuff is ALL great. Guaranteed, using Gunwitch method. So the PU is the harder part, and more interesting part for me. Keep 'making the ho say no' dude! Don't be pissed if people talk shit, alot of them probably have no real game.

I hope its helpful. Hopefully people will be more open minded to it. Just try it all, and build your own toolbox. It's all helped my interactions with women substantially, and all been worth the time investment in trying them individually. Also, it's a question somewhat of our personalities. The fact that it works, though, doesn't mean other techniques are useless, they're just different.

Logically it makes perfect sense. If you are friendly to a girl she will start to mirror you in most cases. It is obvious therefore that there is a very good chance that she will mirror your sexual state. And I will. Strong eye contact, a deep voice and physical promixity to your target of your desire whilst asking the directions to the cinema is also great fun and also relatively risk free if like me your biggest SP is fear of approaching.

The three FCloses I have had since August have been because I have been charmingly and disgustingly persisitant.

Last Saturday an HB who I just met for a 'quick coffee' and ended up in my flat under a very flimsy pretext asked me if I had ever been slapped by a girl. I smiled and said 'why would a girl slap me if all I want is her happiness'. This is from a guy who's AFC stories would make you cringe so much I dare not even think about them Reading the original Gunwitch post was had the same effect on me as reading the line by Ross 'Make no apologies for your desire as a man'.

It is incredibly liberating. I am pattern-king, dude. I need to study up on Mystery Method and maybe some other gimmicks, because without the isolation I'm not very effective. So, although I do agree with some of your analysis of the Gunwitch pro's and con's, I have to say that my understanding of the "non-Gunwitch" standard SS isn't exactly that it's group-oriented.

The roller-coaster stuff in the discovery pattern might or might not work in a group, but I could see it being derisively laughed down in a group while it might be swallowed whole by an isolated target. Likewise with things like palmreading and tarot-card reading and handwriting analysis -- din'tcha see "Jurassic Park" where Jeff Goldblum who looks like a goodlooking Ross Jeffries, I might add; if there were a movie about RJ, JG would play him!

Palm-reading isolation. Wait, is that in a group? No, just the CB boyfriend. Other stuff is non-group, if you want, as well. You give her good talk, and if she approves, she will reluctantly exchange that access to talk, for access to her pussy. This is the dreaded "exchange frame," that I consistently object to. It's endemic in our society, and in many ways I try to simplify ALL my approaches simply by thinking of them strictly like this: "this is not an exchange; there is no equal trade; I tell her what to do, and cause her to do it; I tell her what to feel, and cause her to feel it; I DO NOT allow her to decide, on the basis of approving of something that I give to her, what she will then give to me; she does not 'give' me access to her sexuality, she BEGS ME to 'give' her access to MY dick.

I'd call it "exchanging" rather than supplication, but either term is fine, I don't mind. Nuff said. I mean if you use nlp type language and it bounces off of them you know they are not open to it?

Could it be said that this type of women is the one that would respond to gunwitch as opposed to a contrarian? Also once you start having a lot of consistant success like Rick H, Zap or gunwitch, being sexual just becomes a part of of you are, you expect it and subconciously with body language too this is communicated to women.

So in turn they go with there natural rythyms. Is she alone? Start off small - work big Topic:Gunwitch method: Reflections having tested it 9 of 13 , Read times Conf: Advanced From: gunwitch gunwitch aol.

Thanks Tyler, or trying to clear some things up, and doing a good job of it i add. Ill address these beefs as well. You must understand just as guys with NO fighting method kicked lots of ass, guys with no seduction methods have always had lots of sex. Im just telling you what base those guys opperated from that i now do as well, and giving you an example of a few effective techniques to use with it.

The same thinking that voices beef 2 is the same mindset that opposed bruce lee. Ill tell you why i dont address being able to get specific trgets. First, I dont get one-itis of especially the "have to have that girl over there" kind so to me lots of sex with beautiful women is all i want.

Some mall santas are still gonna bitch, even if you shit on em through designer jeans. Im sure a MM or GM ive used myself on a group could be better than my stuff, but hell ive done mine on 2 sets. Sure SS in particular NLP, why learn from a student RJ get some bandler material at a 10th of the cost is usefull in certain situations as ive used it myself. My only question is this, why not try the simple and cheapest method first.

See if frequent sex with numerous women is what you want. If you still need to be able to get more specific targets then try something else. Overall, finally, TRY something IRL or else shut the fuck up and dont bash me or anyone else whos just trying to help you for free. I can TELL he's thinking of fucking them and he has good eye contact, good tonality See where I'm going with this? For sure Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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"gunwitch method"

Users Online: Gunwitch - Dynamic Approach copyrighted book, review only. To get new PUA materials to you mailbox every week please subscribe to our mailing list, using form below Name: Email:. A solid, zero bullshit, hard core PUA who has known phenomenal success with women. He's actually a seduction community pioneer who has laid the groundwork for many of today's 'trend of the day' pickup schools.


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