The 'evil' faction of Hordes, the Legion of Everblight can be summed up as an army of evil dragon xenomorphs which move at turbo speed and hit like trucks. Of course, there's more to the story:. A long time ago, there was Toruk , who was a big fuckoff dragon. Unfortunately the problem with being a big fuckoff dragon is that it's really hard to relate to the "little" people, and so Toruk was bored, a precursor to many terrible decisions throughout history. In his boredom or desire to conquer the world, or to have some company that didn't suffer a horrific lingering death from his dragon blight, or

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The dragon Everblight began planning the creation of his Legion during his imprisonment at the Shard Spires. After his actions and experiments carried out on the elves in the Iosan city of Issyrah were noticed by the Iosan military Everblight was forced to fight against might of the Iosan military. Despite the destruction of the city and the wiping out large amounts of enemies his wings were damaged by the Iosans in a suicidal maneuver which resulted in his athnac removed from his body and sealed off in Mount Shyleth Breen but the sense of doom projected by Everblight forced the Iosans to relocate the athnac to the Shard Spires.

In the Shard Spires the dragon found and observed the Nyss and the dragon planned to take advantage of his earlier research of the elves.

While planning to escape the dragon discovered the ogrun named Thagrosh. Sending whispers to the mind of the ogrun, Everblight managed to bring Thagrosh to the Shard Spires and after climbing to the peak compelled him to push the athnac into his heart.

Everblight transformed Thagrosh turning him into his Prophet. Sharing his plans with his prophet ,Eveblight sent Tharosh to recover Rapture. Rapture was a blade created during the dragon's time in Morrdh that allows an athnac to be divided without spawning new dragons.

They were soon joined by the Nyss sorceress Vayl who filled with a lust for power and immortality gave herself willingly to the dragon. When Vayl accepted the athnac the dragon received her knowledge about Nyss. Together they tainted the wells with blight and without raising a weapon a massive army was raised. However the blight could not corrupt the Fane of Nyssor which was protected by the ailing god, Nyssor. When the legion attacked the fortress the priests managed to run away with the frozen god through an underground path.

Despite the failure to devour the ailing god the Legion expanded adding the nearby Ogrun. After receiving information about the weakened dragon named Pyromalfic, the Legion raced to the Caste of Keys and after a battle devoured its athnac.

This would however draw the attention of other dragons who joining forces with some blackclads of the Circle Orboros launched what would be known as the "Great Hunt". While the alliance tracked down the warlocks of the Legion and even succeeding in killing a newly elevated warlock named Talys the revelation of another athnac disrupted the hunt.

As the dragons moved to acquire the athnac the Dragonfather Toruk left his empire to fight his progeny. All power within the Legion flows from Everblight. Those who have received the gift of his draconic blight are unwavering in their loyalty, particularly the rare few who bear a sliver of his immortal essence in the form of the athanc. These vassals commit themselves to him with a devotion that is resolute and unshakable.

For blighted subordinates there is no meaningful distinction between the dragon and his Messiah. His warlocks know Thagrosh and Everblight to be two beings instead of one, yet they too obey Thagrosh. They can discern when it is the ogrun speaking and when it is the dragon, but both are to be obeyed without question.

Only Vayl and Saeryn argue with Thagrosh, and only when Everblight indulges them. Everblight seems to value the spark of free will and intelligence within each warlock and rarely seizes control directly, though when swift action is required all debate ends. Kallus who is a being sculpted and fully formed from a modified athanc shard , occupies an unusual place in the warlock hierarchy, enjoying the special favor of Thagrosh and was recently sent to a far-off region called Alchiere to create a new spawning holdfast.

Thus he risks them only strategically and with the expectation of their survival. Those so transformed are still in the process of determining what their new society will be; the pressures of survival and functioning as an army have taken priority over any longer-term considerations. Although many elements of Nyss culture were abandoned as unnecessary remnants of an extinct society, some traditions were easier to adapt, and several groups remained mostly intact.

The raptors, for example—hunters and warriors practiced in riding the swift ulk—embodied the strengths Everblight sought. Similarly, the rangers were reshaped into the striders. A group of sacred warriors once called the ryssovass became the Legionnaires, sworn to protect Thagrosh as his inner guard with their traditional weapons, armor, and fighting techniques.

Most Nyss continued to identify strongly with the tribes into which they were born as well as their extended hunting groups, or shards. Vayl set these ties to a new purpose by establishing the shards as the basic divisions of the legion, each made up of fifty to eighty warriors. Each shard is led by a prior, a captain of the Legion who formally carries the title of aransor once reserved to elders of the Fane of Nyssor. Some fighting traditions also use titles and ranks specific to their training and needs.

Blighted Nyss sorcerers aid and advise the warlocks and stand just below them in authority. While sorcery was always a part of Nyss life, the dragon's touch transformed and in some cases, augmented powers once linked to the Fane of Nyssor. In addition to being able to invoke traditional Nyss magics of wind and cold, many Legion sorcerers exhibit control over the blighted energy that seeps into the fiber of their beings. These sorcerers retain mastery of the written Aeric language and so are involved in the fabrication of important weapons and tools.

Though each has a role to play in the fights ahead, the Nyss and ogrun do not coexist comfortably. These groups remain segregated in daily life, only mixing as necessary for specific strike forces. While they retained their fierce loyalty and some tribal traditions, the blight infected them with unbridled savagery and an unquenchable thirst for blood.

Abandoning their ancient ways, they venerated Everblight with blood sacrifice and named his prophet Thagrosh their unquestioned korune. These ogrun follow a basic command structure rooted in their feudal traditions.

Individual ogrun serve those better and stronger than themselves, who take the title of vassal just as their Nyss counterparts do. Those ogrun strong enough to earn the respect of several vassals take on the role of deacons, who serve as lieutenants to the war chiefs.

The size of the warbands under the control of each war chief varies considerably, but some have gathered hundreds of proven warspears and warmongers. War chiefs have nearly absolute authority over their sizable tribes but are united in their reverence of Thagrosh and consider themselves sworn to him.

Thagrosh rarely delivers orders to them directly, but his aloof bearing does not diminish their fierce loyalty. Regardless of their rank, ogrun have no authority over the Nyss, and occasionally the ogrun are directed to heed the orders of senior Nyss, reinforcing their lower stature. The ogrun do not seem to resent this, for they believe they have a special connection to Thagrosh.

The lowest in the legion's hierarchy are slaves from other races specially those of minor races that serve as Minions for the Legion. The small number who prove useful may be spared but few minions survive lengthy campaigns.. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. This lethal army is the ultimate weapon of the dragon Everblight , an ancient creature born from the heartstone of Lord Toruk , the Dragonfather. Everblight long remained apart from his siblings, plotting in secret and spurning their millennia-old alliance against Toruk. After luring the ogrun Thagrosh to free him from an icy tomb, Everblight turned his attention to the corruption and domination of the Nyss, the winter elves inhabiting the northern lands.

Each warlock shares thoughts directly with Everblight, giving the army a terrifying singularity of purpose. Now Everblight and his legion march to devour all in it's path and spread the blight eventually devouring his father and the entire world.

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