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Books by Armin Risi. Websites of Armin Risi: theistic-network. Instead of a Foreword, a Fore-story. Armin Risi.

The Memory Genius. An example of a person with a photographic memory: year old Harry Nelson Pillsbury on the left, with cigar in hand , at the beginning of his short, comet-like career; here as the winner of the tournament in Hastings in Being in constant need of money, and perhaps also as a challenge to Lasker, Pillsbury in addition to normal chess made pioneering experiments in simultaneous blind chess. Travelling from one event to the next, he popularized chess and attracted the masses.

In , he went on a seven-month US tour, covering 40, miles, with over performances. In , he had become the official US chess champion. And now, this famous Harry Nelson Pillsbury stood on the stage, self-confident, and ready for the show — because as a show-act it had been announced: a performance of simultaneous blind chess and checkers, ten games of each, along with a surprise memory test!

Clamorous applause, then again hushed silence. Unimpressed, Pillsbury read the paper while printed copies were being handed out to the audience. However, the last spectators in the back rows had not yet received the leaflet when Pillsbury laid his sheet aside and repeated the words from beginning to end and, for fun, also backwards. The audience was stunned. Pillsbury seated himself at a small vacant table while twenty local players of chess and checkers were sitting along a row of tables a few metres away from him, with the boards placed in front of them.

One player after the other made his move, which was conveyed to Pillsbury who, after short thought, announced his move. Then his respective opponent was given time to think until Pillsbury had made his next move in all other games. Sporadically he went to another table for some whist drives — just to make the show even more exciting, and also to give his opponents more time to think about their next moves.


Risi Armin

Books by Armin Risi. Websites of Armin Risi: theistic-network. Instead of a Foreword, a Fore-story. Armin Risi.

LEI 11274 DE 2006 PDF

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Vegetarisch leben: Vorteile einer fleischlosen Ernährung


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