We bought three of the tall units and three 'shelf mounts' to go on top of them. They look great but We had to brace the back with steel brackets to keep it square but then the front still will not stay square. The sides bough out even with shelving units with special pins in place. The wall attachments worked but the front still wobbled about.

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We bought three of the tall units and three 'shelf mounts' to go on top of them. They look great but We had to brace the back with steel brackets to keep it square but then the front still will not stay square.

The sides bough out even with shelving units with special pins in place. The wall attachments worked but the front still wobbled about. Some of the hinge screws were cross threaded. Three in units a row makes it impossible to line up door intersections etc. Drawer were not square to walls of carcass. The good new is that Ikea honored their returns policy which was greatly appreciated - full refund. The construction material is so much lighter than our many older Ikea which have stood the test of time.

We had bought to Besta units several years ago. Since then we moved from the UK to Sydney and they two units now serve different purposes. For one we removed the doors and added some shelfs, for the other we changed from colourful doors to white gloss doors and added a glass top.

Both items look still nice and serve their purposes well. Definitely good value for money. The cabinet doors were impossible to line up. I think it's due to how bad the hinges were. The screws immediately stripped during installation making the install ridiculously long and painful. My previous Ikea purchased took me under an hour to put together. Besta took me all evening until past midnight. Most of the install was me trying to force a stripped screw into position. It was beyond ridiculous.

The unit is not setup well in regards to securing it against the wall. There are two holes in the back that go into 2 plastic cylin Read more. Besta furniture doors and drawer-fronts are far too heavy for the carcasses! Although every instruction says attach to the wall, the back of the units are inset and if you have a tall skirting board to put the unit next to, there is a big gap to fill in!

I like the quality, I like the design, just VERY disappointed that we have so many problems that have to be overcome. I used the planning department - they were very helpful, but would have thought they would have mentioned skirting boards Should have read the reviews before buying.

Completed the cupboard, all doors not standing straight, fall to one side, unit wobbles and had to be attached to the wall. Unit not square, instructions not easy to follow. Ikea did not provide the screw to attached to wall.

We purchased both the small Besta media unit and a cm tall shelving unit. The media unit seems to be fine enough. However, the tall shelving unit is truly the worst quality Ikea product I've ever purchased - it's shockingly and dangerously badly designed.

When completed it wobbles from side to side at least 1. We checked and rechecked the instructions and assembly to ensure we hadn't missed anything as it seemed impossible that a large shelving unit could be so unstable once complete. The thought of putting Purchased Ikea wardrobes last year - no real issues. So not a novice assembling Ikea. Yesterday purchased a Besta cabinet plus doors and shelves as it looked smart.

The Besta frame If I push the top gently to the left the unit become square and the door level. Checked with set square to prove frame is not square but sits slight to one side. One of the plastic round fixing locks broke pt at least that is one o Very poor quality, the unit does not last only has ours for a few months and already the draws are wobbly and broken! Will never buy from ikea again as all the parts are plastic. Like other reviews I have read I also own other pieces of ikea furniture and like ikea overall, but this Besta entertainment center is a complete nightmare to assemble.

The biggest problem I would say is definitely the hardware such poor quality. I'm actually returning it tomorrow. Not sure if I'm going to find another entertainment center or go elsewhere with my business. I have a taller Besta cabinet and secured it to wall as instructed. It looks nice, but is not safe. The door is so heavy it pulled the screw and plug out of the wall. You MUST anchor this unit to a stud in the wall! The heavy door is not balanced out with the back of the cabinet.

We have removed the door and are not using. Do not recommend purchasing. I have many other items from Ikea, beds, dressers, Kallax, etc. Probably about 8 pieces of furniture total. The Besta is the first one to come with plastic hardware. Those little circle things you use to tighten down on the screw to hold the two pieces together, not sure what they are called.

As you all know, Ikea directions are only simple pics so there is no name given for that part. It is so cheap, I have broken four of them just trying to put together the first pieces during assembly. I cannot not even finish assembling it because the piece I spent several thousand dollars purchasing Besta modular products to make my ultimate entertainment wall unit. Unfortunately the actual Besta carcass is made from poor quality material.

Despite being set up inside and never moved from the date of install the cheap chipboard has swollen and the wood grain laminate has started to peel off. I am extremely disappointed in this product.

It will soon end up as landfill. I will stick to hardwood in the future and stay away from the poor quality chipboard from IKEA. I agree with the other reviewer: great looking, but flimsy cheap. These aren't even made out of solid particle board anymore.

It's primarily two thin plastic layers with cardboard support in between I know because I had to cut a portion of one for the fit I wanted. I think it will survive someone leaning on it now.

But this product sets a new quality low for Ikea, in my opinion. Now the unit feels like it should have in the first place. Just putting a cabinet together now and my god it's crap. So flimsy I don't want to put anything even remotely valuable on it. Am no longer going to use the glass shelves as t So I purchased the wall mount Besta units for my living room.

Construction quality of the sides and doors is reasonable. However the rear of the unit is extremely flimsy 2mm plywood. Do NOT attempt to install these besta units without the suspension rail!

And since it's not sold in Australia, it baffles me how Ikea can knowingly sell the besta wall units without the required specialised hardware to mount them. Looks nice The mounting hardware is specialised, and for some baffling reason not sold in Australia! The besta's are a great depth for lots of stuff. I have games, toys, computer stuff, etc on mine. Its really nice to have all the storage in the room the same and as the shelves are all adjustable it is easy to customise them to suit different uses.

So pretty, adjustable shevles, different heights and widths, range of door and drawres. They come in different colour finishes. Nothing - I love my besta's. I am an avid Ikea fan, so I flocked to Ikea when I needed to buy massive book storage for my apartment.

The Besta units appealed to me for their generous depth and the adjustable shelves. I put my units together in a variety of creative ways. At first I was very happy with my Besta units, but after a couple of years the thin plastic veneer just started peeling away from the seams.

It's not like bookshelves get a lot of heavy use, they just sit there holding books so I don't know why the veneer would just peel away. I am incredibly disappoint


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We apologize for, but will not be bound by or responsible for, errors and omissions in this brochure. All the products shown here may not be available at the store. Some prices may vary by store. Please contact the staff or visit www. For more detailed product information,. Combine your own solution with doors and drawer fronts. A damaged edge or a scratched surface can cause the glass to break suddenly.


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