Real standards for clinical care Providing standards for the clinical care that is delivered to patients in the prehospital setting is very challenging. The environment of care can be different for every patient and every incident attended. They are rigid statements that allow little of the flexibility that is required to deliver optimum care, in the right place, at the right time. Guidelines, however, are recognised to reduce unacceptable or undesirable variations in practice and provide a robust basis for providers to deliver the best care. In addition to the printed books, digital editions are available to purchase for download onto iOS iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android devices.

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We would love to hear from you if you would like to raise a query or send a comment about the guidelines. Please click here to complete our feedback form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Learn More. Compassionate Conversations in ambulance services The focus for this Zoom call was on the compassionate conversations elements of the New Every Mind Matters campaign to support mental health during the Covid outbreak We are all aware of the challenges to the nation's mental health as a AACE publishes Annual Report for Our latest annual report outlines key areas of work and engagement undertaken nationally via Podcast: Transforming the ambulance service across the four nations What roles are ambulance services playing in the transformation of the health and care Share this page.

Subscribe to receive occasional news and updates by email. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Useful links. This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks. Amiodarone: second dose levels for children, p Change 4 to 3. Hyphenate prehospital. Make see italic. Make valsalva initial cap. Change 1. Remove extra space between including and eclampsia. Move comma from after causing to after confusion.

Replace Ibruprofen bullet point with Combinations of both paracetamol …. Hyphenate postpartum x2. Move bottom para to below first table; insert new text: The dose of 20….

Correct spelling of strictly. Hyphenate postpartum. Replace Tablets with Volume. Hyphenate prehospital x4. Change 16 to 15, 4 to 3.

Hyphenate prehospital x2. Replace Manually displace… para with If the patient is unable to pos…. Move definition of TBSA to first bullet point; insert brackets around …. Insert new bullet point: Intubation can only be performed if capnograp…. Remove comma. Replace 60 with 90; replace. In all other … set out below with unless…. Replace the uterus can be manually … and head blocks with If the pat….

Remove d and e footnote signifiers from headings; insert Follow local …. Replace Hypoglycaemia bullet point with: In a baby without any abnorma…. Replace cannot with must not; replace a persistently low blood glucose…. Remove full stop. Insert space between and ml. Hyphenate semi recumbent. Remove initial cap on Slow; after endotracheal intubation, insert onl…. Hyphenate beta blockers; hyphenate prehospital x2 ; make hospital ini…. Remove initial cap on Slow. Hyphenate prehospital x2 ; make hospital initial cap x2.

Remove extra space after cold. Replace two centimetres with 2 cm; hyphenate prehospital x3. Insert space between transferred and from. Remove hyphen from hours; correct spelling of clopidogrel; hyphenat….

Change obtain to obtained. Hyphenate beta blockers. Change at to as. Remove extra line space; hyphenate semi recumbent; hyphenate prehospit…. Correct spelling of salbutamol. Change hyphen to en-dash. Remove initial cap on Salbutamol. Hyphenate prehospital; replace with a convulsion with with an initial ….

After acquire and maintain, insert and should only be performed if cap…. Insert and a second half dose of amiodarone following the 5th shock r…. After appropriate skills, insert and only when capnography is availabl….

After if appropriate, insert and only if capnography is available. Hyphenate beta blockers; correct spelling of visible. After as required. Insert comma after dissection. After have failed, insert and only when capnography is available. Replace Combinations of both… para with Combinations of both paracetam….

Hyphenate prehospital; remove initial cap on Budesonide. Hyphenate prehospital x2 ; correct spelling of diagnosis. Hyphenate Pre Hospital x2. Hyphenate postpartum; remove initial cap on Syntometrine. Change to initial cap on i-gel. Bring over PPE and pr from previous page; align columns.

Correct numbers under pain scale to 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and amend match…. New bullet point: Endotracheal intubation must only be performed when ….

Replace Capnography assists… para with Capnography assists in confirma…. New bullet point: CPR should only be paused for a second asystole c…. In numbered list, change 1. Insert new text: There have been an increasing number of incidents of ….

Replace bottom box with: Body temperature In unconscious, non-tra…. Hyphenate prehospital; after Consider early tracheal intubation, inser…. After consider early intubation, insert only if capnography is avail…. Change 16 to Change Pocket Book 1. Update reprint information: change to , Version 1. They are unable to generate "eno…. Warming- "place in vehicles" — this should probably read Vehicle….

Special cases. Heading at top too big. Remove first sentence of NB at bottom. Point 3. Rule missing between penultimate and last rows. Notes heading missing. Update reprint information: insert , Version 1. Insert footnote: Endotracheal intubation must only be performed when c…. Table 2. Canosis is not a word. You mention percussion under "Listen for:" and under "Percuss fo….


The 2013 Edition

The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives. The Pocket Book is intended to be used by clinicians working in the prehospital setting to confirm safe therapeutic drug doses prior to administration. It also contains treatment algorithms and management plans that are intended to be used as a quick reference guide only. As such it is designed to be used in conjunction with the reference Edition of the UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines which contain the definitive text that cannot be reproduced in this Pocket Book. Forgot password? Log in Register. Printable version.


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