Neville Medhora runs a company called Kopywriting Kourse, where he trains business teams on how to write outstanding copy and content that performs. Businesses work with Neville to teach their teams how to improve their copy and profitability, while freelancers learn how to jumpstart their copywriting career. His philosophy? Copywriting is about transmitting information from one brain to another. One is to look at what other people are doing with a swipe file. The other way is to start with a template — and work through it backward.

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If you want to get started writing copy as fast as possible, nothing can beat the Kopywriting Kourse. Creating a target customer. Formatting and styling. How to write in an engaging voice. Writing a sales page. Writing emails. If you want to be able to write decent copy that converts and up your writing skills, this is the place to start.

But Neville does a great job of teaching you the fundamentals in the Kourse. Neville gives you the knowledge that you can put to use immediately. No dilly-dallying around copying 90 pieces of copy. And sitting on your butt, watching videos, and taking notes is easier to get on with than investing 90 hours copying sales letters. Different types of leads. Content marketing. Presenting the offer.

Making your pricing look appealing. Emailing your list. And the best part? Because you hand-copy it all, it becomes a part of you. Nobody has ever taken advantage of that offer. Derek has a Facebook group for daily accountability check-ins. It was amusing to see the drop-off in participation over the duration of the course. Make no mistake: Becoming a copywriting wizard is possible with CopyHour, but you need to commit yourself to it.

Now, you will have noticed that both of these courses will teach you how to create full sales messages. Both will get you to a finished sales letter. Kopywriting Kourse will get you there quicker, at the expense of depth. The question then becomes: What do you want to achieve with your copywriting? Get the Kopywriting Kourse: If you want to keep the effort to a minimum If you want to learn it all as fast as possible If you want to spend less dough on the whole thing If you want to be able to write decent copy that converts If you want to learn the basics, but not the super-advanced stuff Get CopyHour: If price is no concern If you want to be able to write those massive sales letters If you already know the basics but want to delve deeper into copywriting If you can commit yourself to the 90 days of copying sales letters for one hour Both will get you to a finished sales letter.


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