Monitoring debris at sea presents challenges not found in beach or riverine habitats, and is typically done with trawl nets of various apertures and mesh sizes, which limits the size of debris captured and the area surveyed. To partially overcome these limitations in monitoring floating debris, a Quadcopter drone with video transmitting and recording capabilities was deployed at the beginning and the end of manta trawl transects within the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre's eastern convergence zone. Subsurface tucker trawls at 10 meters were conducted at the same time as the manta trawls , in order to assess the effect of sea state on debris dispersal. Trawls were conducted on an 11 station grid used repeatedly since

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It's a feather! This model is a must for chasing thermals. The wing is magnificent with its eyebrow style winglets. The flaps enable the model to be perfectly balanced during winching, to ride out the rough weather easily, to maximise lift while spiralling and they act as powerful airbrakes to help land the model at your feet even in the most difficult conditions. Whether you prefer thermal soaring or slope soaring, this model is made for you! If you are interested in a different color combination than we offer, please contact us.

Topmodel CZ. Wingspan 2. Colour: Product photo more photos Key features: Fuselage and winglets: epoxy fiberglass with gelcoat. The thickness of only 9 mm allows installation into the wings with a very slim profile.

Supply voltage 3. Price per 25cm. Price per common meter. Not covered. Length 5 m. Available in black and white. Material: sandpaper , size 62x23mm. Package content: 2pcs. Notice: for ailerons. Product information Product information. Product photo.

Notice: for elevator. Notice: for fixing the battery.


Micro Manta HLG

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