Muss der Praktikumsbericht einen Firmenstempel enthalten? Wann sollten die Praktikumsberichte eingereicht werden? Wo sollen die Praktikumsberichte eingereicht werden? Dabei sind die folgenden Unterlagen mitzubringen:. Ich habe eine Ausbildung als [ Muss ich einen Praktikumsbericht abgeben?

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To Portal Page. For the basic internship it is recommended to visit the website of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK and have the apprentice database apprenticeship database for the preferred region displayed. Companies that i. As a basic principle, the companies should be producing industrial enterprises. The pre-internship is the period, the basic internship the technical content of the internship.

In principle, the pre-study internship may be completed in all fields including the specialized internship. It is recommended to complete it in the field of the basic internship. But not the whole basic internship has to be covered within these 6 weeks. The remaining fields then have to be covered during your studies.

Further information on the structure of the internship is included in the Internship Directives. Send us your apprenticeship or job reference by e-mail so that we can check whether we can admit you to university without a classic Pre-Internship.

The examination of recognition for your studies will take place separately after the start of your studies see section 3 - Recognition. The internship confirmation must only be submitted when enrolling and not when applying.

You can skip the upload of the internship confirmation during the application phase, but you must be able to prove your internship at the latest during enrollment. If you are already in an internship on the enrollment deadline or have a commitment for an internship that will only end after your enrollment deadline, please obtain a confirmation from the internship company stating the duration of the internship and confirming that you have started the internship.

This confirmation is then sufficient for enrollment at the Registar's Office. If the internship has not been completed by In addition, please attach a valid identification document to the e-mail. After verification, you will then receive a confirmation by e-mail and by post, which you can use to enroll without pre-internship proof.

If you have been accepted to study without an internship or with only a partial internship, you will have to complete the missing weeks during your studies. The internship is an examination achievement and must have been completed by the end of the Bachelor's degree programme.

You should therefore consider your internship correspondingly in your study plans. Yes, you can complete as many internships as you like before your studies. However, you should pay attention to the maximum number of weeks that can be recognized in the various fields. A full five working days must be completed for the recognition of a week, as only then can a detailed insight into the issues be guaranteed.

Illness, holidays, company closures and other days of absence must be reworked. The minimum duration of an approved traineeship must be three weeks. The only exception is a separate internship in GP4 original forming. In this case, the minimum duration can be reduced to two weeks by prior arrangement. If another field is completed in the same internship, the minimum duration is automatically extended again to three weeks.

In general, the guidelines for reports and confirmations on the content and volume of documents in the internship regulations apply. Generally, the following is valid: no daily or weekly reports, but a continuous text about the individual work fields according to the internship regulations.

The report also includes an introductory description of the company and its tasks as well as a final conclusion. A Contents List should also be included. The report must be signed and stamped in the original by the supervising person in the internship company at least on the last page.

There are also no strict requirements for the layout of the report. However, the font size should not be larger than 12 points, the line spacing should not exceed 1.

Of course, pictures and drawings may be added. For this reason, the report may only be used for examination purposes. The deadline for submitting the complete application for accreditation for first-year students is For internships during studies, the deadline for submitting the report with all documents is six months after completion of the internship.

Please send us your apprenticeship certificate by e-mail so that we can check whether we can recognise internship weeks for this apprenticeship. As a rule, a report is no longer necessary for the recognition of completed vocational training. Only one application has to be submitted via the Virtual Internship Office, information on this is provided with the confirmation by e-mail.

If you are studying Business Administration and Engineering, you can contact the required internship officer of the Faculty of Business Administration for recognition of a commercial apprenticeship.

You must prove that you have completed a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 weeks of technical internship in the Bachelor's degree programme.

If you have already completed the fields of the basic internship, you can apply for the remaining technical internship according to the guidelines for mechanical engineering B. This plan lists the internship in which you can complete the rest of your technical internship. Please send us your data, your field of specialization and briefly describe your internship opportunities, your activities in the internship and the connection to your studies.

The Internship Office will then give you feedback as to whether any difficulties are to be expected with the accreditation.

It is possible in general, but is not recommended, as the Internship Office cannot be considered responsible if documents are lost in the post. The report should be thrown into our mailbox in person. Because of data protection issues, reports cannot be returned to you by post.

Please issue this person with a power of authority and attach a copy of your identity card. This power of authority will then remain with us for deposit.

The Virtual Internship Office already contains recognised internships and some of your data, but you must keep your stamped internship certificates and proofs in a safe place and also have an overview of the areas that have already been completed or still have to be completed. If you are instructed by the Internship Office to submit documents later or to supplement the internship report, please note your name and matriculation number on the supplement and throw it in a folder in the mailbox of the Internship Office.

The supplement does not have to be signed by the company and no application from the virtual internship office is necessary. As soon as we have added the submitted documents to your report and processed it again, we will notify you by email.

You can then make an appointment to pick up the complete report. The recognition in the Virtual Internship Office is only activated for you when you pick up your report. Search Search for. Academics To Portal Page. News News Events Events autom.

What Now? During Your Course of Study More After Graduation Doctoral Studies Graduates. Students Exchange Students Incomings. Research To Portal Page. People Alumni Careers Professors. Corporate Relations To Portal Page. Sponsoring and Fundraising Sponsoring and Fundraising Scholarships. Recruiting Graduate Recruitment. Faculty 4 To Portal Page. News News Committee meeting dates News autom.

Institutes Overview Focuses of the Professorships. Career Jobs. Contact and Map Contact Map. Does the RWTH have a list of available internship companies and placements? Is the pre- and basic internship the same? Are there templates for Internship Contracts? No, RWTH does not provide sample contracts. I don't have a pre- internship yet. When do I have to submit my internship confirmation?

My pre-internship has not been completed by the enrollment deadline, what now? What is the deadline for making up for the pre-study internship? Can I do an internship more than 6 weeks before my studies?

Can individual days or half weeks also be accepted as an internship? How long do I have to work at least in the same company? Is there a template for the internship confirmation? The internship confirmation should be printed and signed on company paper.

How should my internship report look like? The company requires a non-disclosure agreement, what does it look like? Please attach a sheet of paper with the following lock notice to your report: "This report contains internal company information and confidential data of company XY. Accreditation of the internship Until when must I have my pre- internship accredited? I have completed an apprenticeship, can it be accredited as a pre- internship? Yes, this is possible depending on the apprenticeship.

I am studying Business Engineering, which technical internship can I do in addition to the basic internship? For the FP8 project internship, what does the "consultation with the internship office" look like?


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