Welcome to SiddurAudio. Your online resource to learn how to daven! Java Script must be enabled. Tracks also available for download from:. A Rabbi friend, as well as my own Rabbi refered me to your sight. I was thrilled to find the weekday prayer service in the proper nussach both morning and evening.

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Welcome to SiddurAudio. Your online resource to learn how to daven! Java Script must be enabled. Tracks also available for download from:. A Rabbi friend, as well as my own Rabbi refered me to your sight. I was thrilled to find the weekday prayer service in the proper nussach both morning and evening. I am comfortable and familiar with shabbat service but do not get the opportunity to daven in a weekday minyan and wanted to learn the service.

Thank you so much for this incredible service you have provided the Jewish Community. Yasher Koach! Todah raba a million times. This is wonderful; such a gift for I am sure many of us. Once it came to my hands I couldn't stop listening. Going to shul once a week is a slow process for learning all the prayers and melodies.

This tool makes the path of learning one of light, joy and happiness. Thank you for the creation of such wonderful programs on CD. I have to say that these CDs although I downloaded mine from iTunes are the best, not to mention the clearest, form of teaching prayers that I have ever come across. For someone who was not brought up religiously and does not read nor speak Hebrew, this program has been the best teaching tool of all for me and my entire family.

So, to all who may be reading this feedback and are debating whether to buy it or not, I say go ahead and do it. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again Rabbi Mark Zimmerman for such clear and easy to follow prayers and instructions for both Shabbat and the Holy Days. Consider this a fan letter. My sons are learning the prayers and we just found the website with your tutorial.

Brings back memories. In a very short time I have been able to learn and lead many of the prayers in my shul. I just wanted to thank you for lighting that flame in me Rabbi Zimmerman did a wonderful job, and this is a fantastic teaching tool. Thanks so much. Just a quick note to thank you so much for your audio siddur on-line. I just became observant a few months ago, and your web site is largely to thank for my progress.

I am a man who is trying to reconnect to Judaism. I want to thank you for these fine recordings. Over the past several months a spiritual awakening has begun within me but I never learned how to pray as a Jew. I have gone from one Beit Kenesset to another and have always gotten so lost that I almost gave up. I think your recordings are far more valuable then you know. Thank you. I just wanted to drop by and let you know how valuable your site is to me. I was born in Israel, and my family moved to San Francisco in I was a little over a year old, at the time.

Two years ago I moved to Miami for college, and I started to become more religious. Though, my family has always been traditional, and I grew up listening to my father recite Shalom Alechem, Ayshet Chayil, Kidush, etc.

I realized when I was spending Shabbat with families in Miami Beach that non of the Tfillot actually stuck in my head. So I did some research online and after a while I finally found your site. Now it's part of my everyday schedule except Shabbat, of course to sit down in front of my laptop and learn a Tfillah I don't know. Prior to finding your site, I was asking people to record Tfillot for me, so I can listen to them and learn them.

The combination of your great voice and beautiful prayer style makes it easy to follow along and memorize. I am grateful for your site, and all the hard work and energy, I am sure you put into making it. E Gigi, San Francisco. As we began to prepare for our daughter's bat mitzvah at our Conservative congregation here in central New Jersey, I sat down to google an audio recording of birkat ha-mazon and some additional prayers, to assist some family members just learning these prayers.

Our congregation is still developing such digital resources -- we do have a 2-CD tefillah collection, as well as a recently added zemirot CD for our hebrew school program --and eventually came across your recordings. Please accept my gratitude and compliments for putting such a clear, instructional selection of recordings on the Web. While I had first found recordings from several outreach sources, they were neither as comprehensive as yours, nor were they consistent with modern Conservative practice.

Listening to Rabbi Zimmerman's recordings will be very helpful. Dear Rabbi Zimmerman, I just want to thank you for the wonderful help you've given me that you don't even know about. I have been given an Aliyah at my nieces' bat mitavah this coming Saturday morning twins and needed to learn it again.

I'm late deafened and haven't heard it in a long time. I found your web site and though I can't hear much, your audio files are so clear and precise, I can understand enough to do a decent blessing.

The pronunciation is incredible and I could follow most of it. I was terrified of getting up in front of the congregation without being able to hear, but your web site has given me the refresher I needed and the confidence to enjoy my honor. Thank you so very much for putting this on the web where people like myself can access it as much as they need.

God bless you and L'Shana Tovah. Shalom Rav!!! You have provided me with one of the most beautiful gifts!!!! II have no words to express my joy and gratefulness. Finally I can learn to daven properly. I just recently found close family in the US after almost 60 years.. With my newfound family I also get the information that I am the 16th generation in direct line of the Rav Low - the Maharal of Prag.

The chain is not broken My brother Jiri thaught me the S'hma in Birkenau telling me it would save my life -- Jiri was hanged a few days before the Russians liberated the KZ.

He was Listening to some of the audios of the website brought him very close to me again Rabbi, The updated site is beautiful. Thanks for adding the additional selections. My year-old daughter, preparing for her bat mitzvah and planning to lead kabbalat shabbat that weekend, has been using your recordings to reinforce her summers at Camp Ramah -- Berkshires.

She really appreciates your selection of melodies, as they are her favorites from camp. Thank you so much for sharing your web site with me and the world! Although I do know alot of the melodies in the siddur, it is helpful to know you are there for "fine tuning" of some phases and words. I plan to share your website with other congregants!

Thank you again! I would like to thank you for this wonderful resource! As we have no rabbi yet, I personally have always wished to daven appropriately in order to lead our Kaballat Shabbat services, and your web page has been an immeasurable help!

May HaShem bless you! Thank you so very much! Yosef Costa, Lisbon, Portugal. Skip to content. Friday Night Erev Shabbat Service. Saturday Shabbat Morning Service.

Torah Aliyah Blessings. Weekday Shacharit, Mincha, Maariv. Passover Seder. Shabbat Zemirot. A Khachaturyan. D Shore. Dear Rabbi, I am a man who is trying to reconnect to Judaism. David Lome, Ariel, Israel. V'al Kulam Version 1. Sh'ma Reciting the Sh'ma. Birkat HaMazon. Blessing After the Haftorah - Page Hallel Festivals and Rosh Chodesh - Pages Adon Olam - Page


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C lick here for pdf of Shabbat evening prayer book. Click here for pdf of Shabbat Shaharit prayer book. Click here for pdf of Psukei DZimra Shabbat morning prayer book. Click here for pdf of Shabbat morning Torah service prayer book. Click here for pdf of Shabbat Musaf prayer book. Click here for pdf of daily morning minyan prayer book.


HEA Online Worship

An abridged Shabbat morning service without Torah reading will be offered by Rabbi Dollin and Gruenwald from their homes. Service will be livestreamed on Zoom. You are welcome to have tuna fish and egg salad in your own homes after services. This platform allows minyan participants to interact in a virtual conference space, making it possible for people to share leadership, say kaddish, respond to prayers and share misheberachs. As we often do at morning minyan, there will be some time at the conclusion of the service to share a cup of coffee and chat with one another. Whether you plan on joining the service or not, the rabbis will be available in the open virtual room from to a.

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