On Thursday, the 8th. Sri P. Vengu Iyer, a revenue officer and a great Siva Bhakta devotee of Lord Siva , and Srimati Parvati Ammal, an equally great god-fearing lady, were the fortunate parents of this child. The happy couple christened this last and third son of theirs Kuppuswamy. Boy Kuppuswamy was intelligent and mischievous. In his boyhood itself he showed signs of Tyaga renunciation and love for fellow-beings.

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Sri Swarni Sivananda. Published by. First Edition:. Third Edition:. Fourth Edition:. The Divine Life Trust Society. ES Shivanandanagar, D i s t t. B o r n o n t h e 8th September, , in the illustrious. H i s passion for service drew him to the medical career;. H e h a d earlier been. I t w a s d i v i n e dispensation and the blessing of God upon. He settled down at Rishikesh i n 1 9 2 4 , practised intense austerities and shone as a great Y o g i , s a i n t , s a g e a n d Jivanmukta.

In the. Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy was. Dissemination of spiritual knowledge and training of p e o p l e i n Y o g a a n d Vedanta were their airn and object. In S w a m i j i undertook a lightning tour of India and Ceylon.

T o r e a d Swamiji's works is to drink at the. Prana, and the. The modern R i s h i. Svara and Yoga. The Sun, Moon and the Fire.

S v a r a Vijnana. T h e Tattvas. VII G e n e r a l lnferences. IX Practical Guidance. XI Experiences onAwakening ofKundalini. Chapter I. E v e n a n all-round research. Rishis, the sages and seers of. Yoga-Vedanta, we come across many. An impartial. Consciousness, too,. Even for the. J i v a w h o possesses the ego,.

In the next lower state,. The connecting. There is no. Prana, Vital Force. The air that we breathe. It is the movement o f t h e. Prana that activates t h e. Jnanendriyas a n d. A u ashtabhy a. Now it thinks it is the body. Prana, he will easily solve the riddle of life, a n d getting mastery over life, can lead a disease-free l i f e f o r e t e r n a l.

When once man has learned h o w. Cosmos, having. Y o g i c w a y o f cheating time, of being able. This is the. T h e R e a l ChYavanaPrash. I n t h e market today Chyavanaprash which. Chyavana, of yore. T h e Ayurvedic. The esoteric meaning of the story of Rishi Chyavana.

C h y a v a n a represents the. Sanskrit rooL, Chgu, to go. The Devas are. Just like we. Kumaras are the Prana and. T h , e Aswini. R i s h i Chyavana used to attain. Yoga, and. Therefore, it is the. Health and Longevity. Toxicity d u e. Chalana, not less than 45 minutes, b o t h.

And Bandha T r a y a. Chalana, second Jalandhara. If the above b e. Yoga of breath should b e. Chapter II. I t i s derived from the root Suar, to. T h e breathing. T h i s rising. T h e ancient Rishis found certain things t h e r i s e a n d fall of breath in each of the two. Svara or.

Nadr;s or astral. L i n g a Sareera, is made up of Svara and t h e. S v a r a i s t h e reflection of Brahman' A knowledge. By this. Yoga i s. It is not to be considered s o. Yogic practices a r e t h e. Any art. Harmonious development, a l l r o u n d s u c c e s s a n d perfection of health and life is the keynote o f Y o g a. T h e practice of any Yoga should be regular,. There are various t y p e s. Success in life, accumulation o f w e a l t h a n d.

I t prescribes. Peace and Immortality. Chapter I I I. Prana is the name given to the Universal Principle. It circulates within the a i r t h a t w e b r e a t h e i n b u t it is neither the air nor any of its constituents. Merely because it. Disease has essentially its root in the astral.

But, Prana can reach deeper into the subtler. Keeping in view the fact that we draw our supply of Prana. Nadis or Astral Tubes.


Svara Yoga

Please Note: This title is being reprinted at present and is currently not available to order. You can browse similar titles or contact us for a personalised recommendation. Notify me when it's available: Svara Yoga is an ancient Hindu science and Art that has fully analyzed the working of the Life-Principle, Prana, and the functioning of life within this body. It deals with the various channels along which the Prana vibrates within this body animating it and also prescribes means to regulate the flow of Prana to ensure good health and longevity. This Science or Yoga of Svara is more subtle and all comprehensive than the Science of Pranayama, which when compared to the former, is but a bare outline of Svara Yoga. I Svara Yoga we find various effective means to check disease and death. This Yoga of breath should be practiced under the direct guidance of a fully qualified Yogi.


Svara Yoga 2nd Edition by Swami Sivananda

Sri Swarni Sivananda. Published by. First Edition:. Third Edition:.


Complete Works of Swami Sivananda

Swara yoga is an ancient science of pranic body rhythms and explores how prana can be controlled through the breath. Traditionally a closely guarded science, taught only through direct transmission from guru to disciple, very little has ever been written about it. In this book the theory behind swara yoga is discussed, including the topics of prana, nadis and charkas. In the practice section the techniques of swara yoga are given in detail. The last section contains the original Sanskrit text of the Shiva Swarodaya with an English translation.

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