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After you complete your Self-Perception Inventory online it takes 15 to 20 minutes you'll receive a Belbin Individual Report based on this data. Once your requested Observers have provided their feedback this is combined with your self-view and an updated, 13 page, Belbin Team Role Feedback Report will be emailed to you.

The complete Belbin Individual Report presents your Team Role Profile, along with a wealth of personalised advice based on decades of research and observations of how people behave in the workplace. We'll provide advice on the best ways to make your contributions to the team, on your most suited working styles and even make suggestions on work environments which may particularly suit you. Click here to see a sample Belbin Individual Report. You can complete your Self-Perception Inventory here, on the Belbin website, whenever you like.

There is a cost - because there's no such thing as a legal 'free Belbin test' - but don't worry - if you fill in the form below, we'll send you a discount code for your Profile. If you're looking for a Belbin scoring sheet that is marked by hand, or for an Excel version of the Belbin test, you're looking for something which is illegal to use. Those outdated versions are still subject to our copyright and Intellectual Property and therefore, are illegal to use.

Moreover, they may not include all the Belbin Team Roles, don't have the all important Observer input and you miss out on the Belbin Team Role feedback which has been developed through decades of helping people like yourself.

If you're looking to use anything which is downloaded, photocopied or accessed through a website other than here at Belbin. Please complete the details on the form and we will contact you. If you are based outside of the UK we will forward your enquiry to the relevant Belbin Distributor. Are you looking for a free Belbin test? We're here to help What is the Belbin Team Roles test?

What does my Report look like? Great, how do I complete my Belbin Team Roles test? I thought I could just download a Belbin scoring sheet or Belbin excel spreadsheet? We own the copyright and do not allow our questionnaire to be reproduced in any form. Next steps If you're working in Education, we have a number of options to make using Belbin accessible for you and your students.

Please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch. Read more about Belbin copyright If you're looking to try Belbin for yourself, please use the form below. Get in touch Please complete the details on the form and we will contact you. Are you


Team roles test

Great teams start with Belbin! Belbin Team Roles is the language of teams, enabling individuals to be able to project and talk about their behavioural strengths in a productive, safe and non-confrontational way. By using Belbin, individuals have a greater self-understanding of their strengths, which leads to more effective communication between colleagues and managers. Great teams can be put together, existing teams can be understood and improved, and everyone can feel that they are making a difference in the workplace. Belbin Team Roles have been the language of successful teams for over 30 years.


Team Role Inventories

It was devised by Meredith Belbin to measure preference for nine Team Roles; he had identified eight of these whilst studying numerous teams at Henley Management College. The Inventory assesses how an individual behaves in a team environment. The assessment includes degree feedback from observers as well as the individual's own evaluation of their behaviour, and contrasts how they see their behaviour with how their colleagues do. Belbin himself asserts that the Team Roles are not equivalent to personality types , and that unlike the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator , which is a psychometric instrument used to sort people into one of 16 personality types, the Belbin Inventory scores people on how strongly they express behavioural traits from nine different Team Roles. A person may and often does exhibit strong tendencies towards multiple roles. Belbin first began studying teams at Henley Management College in the s.


Free Belbin test - looking for a free Team Roles test?




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