Discussion in ' General Hardware ' started by Wicky , Jul 17, Log in or Sign up. I bought this chassis and there was no manual inside. After connecting all the cables everything works, well everything except the fan-controller. It won't adjust the fan-speeds, they always go the same no matter in which position the turn-knob is. Results were: From the computer's power supply come 4 lines with each yellowV, red 5V, and two black grounding sp?

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Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Thermaltake Xaser III.. Such as The reason I want to know is because with my Slku and the Tornado fan on it, that should be blowing quite a bit of air OUT of the heatsink and towards the Clear window of my case, so I want to make sure that my Side case fans are blowing air OUT of the case.

I don't want the Tornado and the Side stock Xaser fans competting against each other.. And ontop of that, you can't possibly put a probe between the heatsink and the CPU right? So what does Thermaltake want me to do with this probe on my p4 2.

CPU: Q G0 3. Somebody told me it should blow air OUT of the heatsink? A friend of mine has the exact same case.

Front bottom are both clean air intake. Hopes this helps. Okay about the Xaser III probe thing, you are saying, take my p4 2.

I then run the probe wire through the pins to go back to the Hardcano 9 right? Two questions: 1. Is there some certain type of tape or other adheasive that you are supposed to use to attach the probes or whatever to very HOT places in the computer?

From the looks of how close the pins are together on the p4 chip, I don't know how the heck you cuold route probe wire s through there? Also, will this routing of probe wires cause any sort of interference, etc. I would think that the wire would make the CPU sit a little high and uneven in the socket on the side where the probe wire comes out?

I still don't see how this is possible? However, My friend and I had the same feeling as you and opted to tape it to the bottom of the heat sink, as close to the cpu as possible but not between the sink and processor. Sorry, the case should supply the tape, not the fan. Last edited by DrKill; at AM. Hey let me ask you something Or it there only a small square section onto of the p4 chip that is the Core? Ok, it is really easy. The prob that came with your case is self adhisive. The probe is 'solid' for only a small bit then it is two very small wires.

You stick the temp probe in the very middle of the processor where there are no pins. Start with the end in a corner running it from 1 corner of that blank area towards another corner. Remember the end of the probe is self adhisive. Re-attach your cpu and heatsink using AS3 and make sure your fan is blowing into the heatsink. My temp probe was self adhesive.

Edit: No the probe shouldn't interfere with the processor. They are very thin and the pins are descent length. If I recall they even show a picture of how to mount the temp probe in the manual.

Which if you don't have can be downloaded from their wedsite www. The only way to have a more accurate prob is to some how stick it inside the processor. Last edited by epauls; at AM. Erpauls -. I guess I was always curious why the Hardcano 9 that comes with the Xaser III can't just read off the core temps through the motherboard software readings and go by that?

Well now with that probe, I will be able to tell if the Abit IS7 actually does read Higher temps than other boards or if it is just a motherboard Bios issue that is reading a different setting for the temp compared to Asus boards, etc.

I guess time will tell I thought the Xaser Hardcano 9 unit automatically adjusted the fans for you? I just want to make sure it is the same unit as the standalone unit you can buy from Thermaltake.. I am getting the slku with the Tornado fan, so do you think I should hook the tornado cpu fan into one of the controllers? Or, being that I have an Antec TrueControlw psu, that has Fan Only connectors on it, and these connectors can automatically slow down the fans plugged into it when the computer is idle, and then speed them back up when the computer is loaded..

And lastely, how do you hook multiple fans up to 1 controller on the Hardcano 9? I thought you have to hook the 3-pin connector to the controller, and if this is the case, then how do you daisey chain fans together.

So for instance you stated that you can control both of your Front fans on one controller, how do you have those fan hooked up to the controller? Does the controller supply the power to the fans and the RPM monitoring of the fans? I don't see how it could monitor both fans RPM hooked up to one controller..? No, unfortunately the hardcano that comes with the Xaser III does not "auto" adjust the fans. It simply allows you to adjust per the knob controlers.

The nice thing is that the Fans that come with the case are so quiet that there is no reason not to have them running full. The SLK with the Tornado is about the best combo out there. Yes, Yes, Yes, you will want to hook up the Tornado to one of the controlers unless you like the sound of a vacuum running all the time.

I would place it on 1 of the four controllers alone. The case fans can be hooked up in tandem up to 3 fans per controler. Each Fan has a male and female connection on the power connection so you simply plug them into each other and then to the controller.

They use the 4 pin connector. Yes the power runs through the controler to the fans. With the tornado on the cpu you should have 2 connectors 1 a 4 pin that will supply the power via the controler and another 3pin that plugs into the MB for RPM monitoring. Just to restate a couple things: 1 Run the case fans at full since they are silent 2 Hook the tornado to it's own controler so you can adjust to suitable noise level get the 92mm since you have the slk 3 Make sure the Tornado is blowing down into the heatsink.

Then enjoy, you will have one of the best air cooled rigs around. And when you get that baby running, start folding under erpauls for team 32!! Sorry had too.. And even if they did have the 3-pin monitoring cable, if you daisey chain two fans together, which fan would be the one reporting the RPMs?

Because you can't read the RPMs for two daisey chained fans correct? And when I adjust the fan speed on the controller, that only lowers the amount of voltage going to the fan correct?

How much can you decrease and increase the speed of the fans? Like you can't make them turn totally off by accident can you.. I will have to connect the Tornado to either controller 2 or 4 because the tornado is 1. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. This website uses cookies.

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Thermaltake Xaser III case: fan problems








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