Valerio Massimo Manfredi born 8 March is an Italian historian, writer, essayist, archaeologist and journalist. He was born in Piumazzo di Castelfranco Emilia province of Modena and, after getting a degree in Classical Arts at the University of Bologna , he became an archaeologist at the Catholic University of Milan , specialising in the topography of the Ancient World. However, due to his numerous commitments, both national and international, he can no longer lecture full-time, but he holds a visiting professor role. Between the s and the s, he has undertaken the "Anabasis" expeditions for the reconstruction of the itinerary of the Ten Thousand 's retreat. He has published many academic essays and articles and he has written several best-selling novels amounting to a total of about 8 million copies sold worldwide. He also writes on many newspapers and magazines as a scientific journalist both in Italy e.

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Recensione in italiano QUI. He conquered an enormous empire, touching the boundaries of the then known world. But who was really Alexander, the young Macedonian king considered a god by his contemporaries? This trilogy takes us to the heart of his adventure: from childhood, marked by the murder of his father Philip, to the pact of blood with the most faithful companions; from the omens about his great destiny to the conquest of Asia, an unthinkable undertaking for a Greek of the fourth century B.

We see him marching, fighting, loving. We accompany him in the unfolding of a unique and fabulous life. And we are with him when his dream seems to break before the end of the journey, at the extreme border of the earth. And this thanks to a writer and scholar who, after investigating with extreme historical rigor, wanted to throw all knowledge behind to tell us, in the form of a wonderful novel, one of the most beautiful stories of humanity.

Manfredi is married with two children and lives in a small town near Bologna. Child of a Dream : 5 stelle. Manfredi has been able to reconstruct in an excellent manner an incredible character from the ancient world. This first book talks about the childhood and youth of Alexander and I would also say that it ends on the most beautiful. Alexander was a great character thanks also to his father Philip: he instructed him and laid the foundations for what was to be his mission in Asia.

The Sands of Ammon : 5 stelle. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and still beautiful! Manfredi has been able to revive this extraordinary character and thanks to this trilogy I have resumed completing as much as possible my bibliography on the great leader! The Ends of the Earth : 5 stelle I finished this book with tears in my eyes. Very beautiful. I believe that for those wishing to approach the character of Alexander the Great this is the best book with which them can do it.

Being a novel it is narrated just as such and it is never heavy, during reading it seems to be there with Alexander and his friends and the reading is smooth and exciting. I had never read Manfredi befor but this trilogy really struck me! Manfredi did a masterful job with this trilogy and if I could thank him personally I would do it! Classe , laureata in Filosofia e Comunicazione, lettrice amante dei gatti, di Alessandro Magno, delle serie tv, dei Linkin Park e degli aforismi.

Ho due blog: Life is like a wave who rises and falls con recensioni dei libri e aforismi e Alessandro III di Macedonia: la tua risorsa su Alessandro Magno.

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Valerio Massimo Manfredi



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Alexandros II : Las Arenas de Amon


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